Major Mining, UI Improvements Implemented in Against the Storm Fishman Soothsayer Update

Fishman Soothsayer Update Eremite Games

Tons of improvements are implemented in Against the Storm thanks to the Fishman Soothsayer update, now available on Steam.

One of the most significant improvements is related to mining. The developers made some changes so that ores will now be confined to a 3x3 square area, enabling you to comfortably place a mine on top of the square without any problems. Moreover, ores will no longer spawn under a tree, which makes them even more accessible than before.

Meanwhile, tradable goods in Against the Storm's Embark Panel are now divided into base goods and caravan-specific resources. You can now bring up the Consumption Control Panel by pressing its default key (I).

Additionally, if you have any feature in mind that you want the developers to include in a future update, there's a new "request a feature" button in the ESC menu.



  • Rebalanced the Pack of Goods economy (Pack of Building Materials, Pack of Crops, Pack of Provisions, Pack of Trade Goods, and Pack of Luxury Goods).
    • All packs are now worth a lot more.
    • Increased the trade value return rate for all pack recipes. This means that even when making packs with a tier 0 recipe, the value of the created item will be higher than the sum of its ingredients.
    • Increased the number of packs bought by other settlements in trade routes. Every biome town now has 3 types of packs it's willing to buy.
    • The Smoldering City now buys almost all types of packs (except Packs of Provisions, which are used to fuel trade routes).
    • Our goal with this change was to make packs a bit more interesting and profitable to play with, as right now they are mostly just crafted when an Order requires it. We wanted to move them a bit more into a space where they can be a viable option in trading-focused builds.
  • Decreased the amount of food sold by all traders. They will still have the same types, but in smaller quantities (for example: 50 instead of 70).
  • Slightly increased the value of raw food items (both when selling and buying).
  • Increased the production time for all rainwater types in rain collectors (from 15 to 20 seconds) and geyser pumps (from 10 to 15 seconds).
  • Removed Citadel Resources earnable during settlement runs (from perks or events).
  • Lowered the Hostility reduction in the Converted Altar of Decay effect from 25 to 20 per dead villager.

UI/UX Improvements

  • Added specialization icons to the worker overlay (ALT).
  • Orders that require completing a high-value trade route now show the exact value on the HUD.
  • Added a highlight to need icons in the Species HUD when all members of a given species have the need fulfilled.
  • Added a highlight to need icons in the Species HUD when all members of a given species have the need fulfilled.
  • Added the option to move between buildings with the arrow keys when hovering over them (without the need to open the building UI).

Against the Storm Fishman Soothsayer update is available on PC.

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