Against the Storm Developer Eremite Games Addresses Crashing Issues After Recent Unity Engine Update

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In Against the Storm's last major content patch, released more than a couple of weeks ago, the company decided to update the game's rapidly aging Unity Engine to the most stable version. While using an updated version of Unity Engine makes sense from a development standpoint, according to the company, the number of crashes in Against the Storm has increased because of it.

As a temporary fix, Eremite Games launched a new update called Merchant Shipwreck which implemented under-the-hood changes that will prevent the Unity Engine from deadlocking itself. However, the tweaks have an unfortunate side-effect where a slight degradation in performance can be experienced when playing the game.

In the event that further improvements have to be made, the company will be looking for a more permanent solution by putting up frequent builds on the experimental branch.

Patch Notes


  • Rebalanced the spawn rates of ghost encounters in the Cursed Royal Woodlands. The chances of coming across two identical ghosts on the same map should now be minimal.
  • Changed how cyst spawning during the Storm works. Previously, every Cyst that spawned during the Storm was immediately open. Now, after the last open Cyst was burned, subsequent cysts will appear closed.
    • This means that if you are in the middle of burning Cysts during the Storm, and a new one appears, it will be open. But if you burn all Cysts, and a new one appears only after the last one has been destroyed, it will lay dormant until the next Storm (or until awakened by an event, like the Infected Mole).
  • Added new decisions to 5 already existing glade events.
    • Corrupted Caravan: with the option to either cleanse it or send contaminated goods to the Citadel (tagged as corruption).
    • Fuming Machinery: with the option to either tear it down or fix it (and be rewarded with a decoration with a special effect).
    • Withered Tree: with the option to either cleanse it or cut it down.
    • Petrified Tree: with the option to either cut it down or heal it (tagged as empathy).
    • Noxious Machinery: with the option to either cleanse it or tear it down.


  • The Trading Post is now movable. The "move" button can be found in the Trading Panel after selecting the building (you can also move the Trading Post by hovering your cursor over it and pressing M on your keyboard).
  • Added an option to rebind the "copy building" function in the Options menu.
  • Resource tooltips now show which buildings a player owns (they are highlighted in the list of all buildings that can produce said resource).


  • Fixed an issue with ghosts requiring the burning or spawning of cysts appearing for players without Rainpunk unlocked in the Citadel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Fox and Lizard icons to not be clickable in the Training Expedition panel.
  • Fixed an issue with the Blight Swarm Prestige modifier not being available in Training Expeditions.

Have you played Against the Storm recently? Have you experienced any crashes after installing the Merchant Shipwreck update?

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