Against the Storm: Latest Update Adds UI Changes to Make Your Life Easier

World Events Update Eremite Games

Your life as the queen's viceroy in Against the Storm can be difficult, especially with plenty of things happening all at once. That's why it's good to know that the developers always listen to the community. In the World Events update, the team added a ton of UI improvements and quality-of-life features.

Once you have the update installed, you will find that Against the Storm now has a convenient global counter located just above the species panel. This displays your current population count, workers, and even homeless people at a glance, so you no longer have to go through different menus to see the same information. Furthermore, world event challenges are now displayed on the main HUD during gameplay.

Global Villager Stats Eremite Games

Another major improvement has something to do with reforging Ancient Seals. For those who don't know, Ancient Seals are old, intricate structures built by a long-forgotten civilization to prevent malevolent forces from destroying the world. However, the power of the seals has gradually waned over time, so it is up to you to reforge them.

Seals Access Highlight Eremite Games

In this patch, the process has been made a bit easier since you no longer have to press the skip button on the calendar to initiate reforging. Despite this tweak, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All other requirements are still binding - you need enough Seal Fragments, and the Seal needs to be within your Embarkation Range.
  • Starting a game in the Sealed Forest early will automatically skip the rest of the Cycle. After finishing the game (doesn't matter if it was won or lost), the Cycle will be over.
  • Due to this change, the tip displayed on the HUD about skipping the Cycle near the Seal has been removed.

You can find the other improvements and QoL features below:

  • Added generic tooltips to World Events when hovering over them in the World Map. These tooltips give only the name of the event, and some tips to make it clearer how events work (how to interact with them, and that they will disappear after the next game).
  • Added World Event effect icons to the Embarkation Panel when starting a game from an event.
  • Added the objective text for World Event challenges to the Embarkation Panel when starting a game from an event.
  • Added a highlight to the Sealed Forest biome on the World Map to clearly show when it is in range and available (all the conditions are met).
  • Added custom flavor text to reward pop-ups for all existing World Events (these pop-ups appear after winning a challenge run offered by an event).
  • Updated the "Logistics" entry in the in-game Encyclopedia.
  • Added information about Seal Fragments and the Royal Resupply to World Map tooltips (when hovering over playable tiles on the map).
  • Reworded the descriptions of multiple World Event rewards to clearly state that they are only given for the duration of the current Cycle.
  • Replaced 61 old icons with new custom assets.
    • Archaeologist's Office upgrades
    • Firekeeper bonuses
    • Multiple meta rewards attached to Citadel Upgrades.
    • Service Building bonuses.

So, what can you say about the new improvements in Against the Storm World Events update?

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