Against the Storm: Introduces New Small Glade Event and Stormforged Cornerstones

Quality of Life Update Eremite Games

Eremite Games has delivered yet another patch for Against the Storm. Although the most recent update is not as hefty as the others in terms of content, there are still some new things added - one of which is the Obelisk.

The Obelisk is a new event in Against the Storm found in small glades. Interacting with this mystical stone monument will present players with two options: one is to tear it down and the other is to make an offering. Selecting the second option will turn the obelisk into a decoration that slightly lowers hostility.

The Obelisk Eremite Games

According to the company, the obelisk is part of its ongoing effort to make small glades more balanced and interesting. So, players can expect more events like this in the future.

Aside from the Obelisk, the company also introduced 15 new Stormforged variants of existing Legendary and Epic Cornerstones. Something that is "Stormforged" in this game just means that it's an improved or more powerful version of the normal one. Anyway, here are the new Stormforged Cornerstones:

  • Alarm Bells (Stormforged): The Brass Order's newest invention - an intricate system of sensors that can detect Corruption before it spreads too much. Workers have a +30% higher chance of producing double yields when the Hearth's Expected Corruption Rate is 100% or higher.
  • Firekeeper's Prayer (Stormforged): Glade event work speed increased by 30%. Resources you sacrifice in the Ancient Hearth burn 30% longer.
  • Firelink Ritual (Stormforged): There is nothing the forest hates more than fire. Every 3 villagers with the need for religion fulfilled decrease the forest's Hostility by -30.
  • Generous Rations (Stormforged): Global Resolve is increased by 5, and villagers have a 10% chance of not consuming food during a break.
  • Mushroom Seedlings (Stormforged): All farms can plant Mushrooms (3 stars) on farm fields during drizzle season.
  • No Quality Control (Stormforged): Gain +2 to wood production. After each storm, all stored wood is removed, and you get 150 Insects in return.
  • Old Fedora Hat (Stormforged): An old inscription on the bottom of the hat says: "Fortune and glory." Increases the chance of bringing back twice as much from Glade Events by 75%.
  • Queen's Gift (Stormforged): A mysterious Amber orb with a magical flame trapped within. Increases the Ancient Hearth's resistance by +100 for every Impatience point you have.
  • Rebellious Spirit (Stormforged): The people are feeling oddly rebellious. Gain +1 Global Resolve for every 1 Impatience Point.
  • Survivor Bonding (Stormforged): The people in your settlement have survived many hardships, bringing them closer together (+20% villager speed, 3 Global Resolve).
  • Woodpecker Technique (Stormforged): Gain 5 Insects every time woodcutters cut down a tree during the Storm.
  • Force of Nature (Stormforged): The forest and the everlasting rain are connected somehow. Gain +4 to Storm Water production for every 2 Woodcutters in your settlement.
  • Secure Trail (Stormforged): Royal Stormwalkers secured the trail to your settlement. Newcomers will arrive +33% quicker and bring 25% more goods with them.
  • Lost in the Wilds (Stormforged): Gain one villager every time you discover a new glade. Villagers add less Hostility (-1).
  • Hidden Reward (Stormforged): Gain 2 Ancient Tablets for every completed Glade Event. (the bonus is added retroactively)

So, what can you say about the new Obelisk glade event in Against the Storm?

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