AFK Arena Welcomes The Joker & The Queen to the Battle

Look who's joining the battle?
Look who's joining the battle? Lillith Games

AFK Arena is happy to announce that two iconic stars from Persona 5 will join the game. The Joker and the Queen are making their way from Tokyo and all the way to Esperia. Players get the chance to try out these two members of the Phantom Thieves on December 30. They can experiment with the two before deciding if they want them in their squad. Both Joker and Queen are only available for a limited time, though, until February 27.

As a dungeon-crawling game that makes use of turn-based combat, it’s clear that Persona 5 is a good fit for AFK Arena. While they got rendered in AFK Arena style, the Joker and the Queen still have their iconic style. Person 5 players will likely recognize them immediately. They also have a rather unique set of skills in the game.

For Joker, he can summon his Arsene persona. It can release strong attacks like the Maeigaon, which can crush enemies in one blow. The Queen, meanwhile, can call her Johanna persona. With a powerful motorcycle, it can do the Stationary Drifter ultimate attack. This results in a Nuclear Tornado, which releases several strikes to her enemies.

Joker and Queen are arriving in the game courtesy of the New Year update. Fans of the Phantom Thieves are sure to love the exclusive-themed PVE dungeon. In this mode, players need to pick a hero and dive right into the maze to learn about the truths locked within. By using Joker and the Queen, players can explore Metaverse and battle enemies to earn XP and incredible rewards.

Joker and Queen are just two of the newest heroes that joined AFK Arena. For 2020, we’ve seen an excellent cast of heroes like Zaphrael and Lucretia, along with Ezio Auditore of Assassin’s Creed. Then, there’s Ukyo Tachibana of Samurai Shodown and even the excellent duo of Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo from Overlord. Recently, the game introduced an AFK Arena inspired track from Don Diablo. It even brought YouTube star Markiplier as an NPC and released commercials starring Elijah Wood.

This year, AFK Arena has seen 2 million new downloads.

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