AFK Arena Adds Both Zaphreal And Lucretia Today

Two new heroes are here.
Two new heroes are here. Lilith Games

AFK Arena is all set to expand its roster as two new original heroes, Zaphreal and Lucretia, are going to arrive in-game today, September 29. While these two heroes are going to be available to everyone, players can only unlock one for free until October 26.

What makes the introduction of these two heroes interesting is their story, which is going to be revealed through a series of stylish cinematic trailers. The first of these is Tales of Esperia: A Memory of Lucretia, which you can view below:

The story reveals the tragic tale and the moment when the two are ripped apart. This is then followed by A Tale of Esperia: Desperation, which you can view here.

Making it even more exciting is that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to the couple’s story of duty, abandoned love, and tragedy. Players get the chance to watch both sides and eventually have to choose a side.

In a post, developer Lilith Games shared that the two shorts were “designed to enrich the history of AFK Arena and add even more depth to its world.” As mentioned, players can decide which side they want and unlock one of the two for free.

With Zaphreal being a member of the Celestials, players that choose him get to use focused lightning attacks that can deal a large amount of damage to everyone in their path. Meanwhile, players that decide to side with Lucretia, who is with the Hypogeans, can use a more physical combat style that brings with it curved attacks.

AFK Arena is an RPG game that offers a rather unique art style. AFK Arena focuses on casual gameplay where players can level up their heroes and gain rewards while AFK (or Away from Keyboard). The game been played by more than six million players so far and players can expect more characters to be added along with maps and game modes. AFK Arena is available for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play.

AFK Arena is developed by Lilith Games, who has also made other games like Art of Conquest, Rise of Kingdoms, and Abi.

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