A3: Still Alive Adds Roanmont Area in Latest update

Ready for a new adventure?
Ready for a new adventure? Netmarble

A new game update for A3: Still Alive has been released, with lots of stuff for players to enjoy; there’s new content, for example, which is the Roanmont area. Players can also look forward to getting a Level 220 Legendary Background Equipment and even experiencing the Mythical Soul Linker Transfer Level feature.

With the Level 220 Legendary Background Set Equipment, characters who add this equipment can reach the max level. Meanwhile, the Mythical Grade Soul Linker Transfer Level feature allows players to transfer Mythical Soul linker levels between one another.

Welcome to Roanmont

To enter this new region, players must be at least Level 200. It features a new World Boss known as "Defensive Weapon Rostalgia." There are also new dungeons:

  • Land of Peace Dungeon: Roanmont of Peace
    • Enter Condition:
      • Character Lv. 200 or higher
      • Complete the "The Light of Tuaki" Quests
    • Max Reward:
      • Lv. 220 Equipment, Accessory, etc.
  • Equipment Dungeon: Harry Village Ruins Entrance
    • Enter Condition:
      • Character Lv. 200 or higher
    • Max Reward:
      • Lv. 210 Legendary - Legendary-Star Equipment
      • Lv. 220 Ancient Equipment, Accessory, etc.
  • Warzone Dungeon: Gash of Flame
    • Enter Condition:
      • Character Lv. 210 or higher
    • Max Reward:
      • Lv. 220 Equipment, Accessory, Awaken Skill Enhancement Stone, etc.

In addition to a new World Boss and new dungeons, this new update also adds new Level 210/220 equipment and Tier 5 Accessories. There are also new achievements and titles added.

Treasure Chest Event

To celebrate the new update, the Roanmont Treasure Chest Event was launched; it started on July 14 and will end on August 4. All players need to do is get different keys through Today's Activity & Shop and then open the corresponding chest.

The keys and their drop locations are:

  • Roanmont Blessing Key
  • Guild Check In
  • Guild Inheritance
  • Guild Donation
  • Roanmont Thankful Key
  • Complete Shiland Mine
  • Complete Rift Altar
  • Roanmont Lucky Key
  • Complete Black Crystal
  • Complete Raid

You can view the complete list of rewards here.

Balancing Changes

The new update also introduces improvements like changing some of the effects of the Skills and Awakening Skills of characters. Read more about it here.

A3: Still Alive is now available as a free digital download (with in-app purchases) on the App Store and Google Play in 172 countries around the world. The game is also available for download as an Open Beta on Windows PC via the A3: Still Alive website.

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