You're Invited to the Launch Event for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Are you ready to join the fight? Blizzard

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is coming out later this week. Once the game goes live, everyone is invited to join its inaugural in-game event. Dubbed as "Operation: Day Zero," it offers a total of six contested zones with five for Verdansk and the remaining one encompassing the whole of Rebirth Island.

Players who join certain Event Actions within the corresponding zones get to obtain accrue Event Points (EP). The more Event Points gathered, the faster players can get items and gear from a special Day Zero Supply Drop. This actually gives better loot, cash, and XP, to name a few, compared to what one can get from a traditional Supply Box. By the way, Day Zero Supply Drops are periodically dropped into active zones and can show up on the radar as a crate icon.

Earn those Points

Event Points can be earned by playing any mode and completing Event Actions in a contested zone. The amount of EP earned is based on the action completed. Event Actions that reward Event Points include:

  • Opening a Supply Box or Day Zero Supply Drop.
  • Eliminating an enemy player.
  • Completing a Contract.
  • Using a Killstreak.
  • Landing a headshot.
  • Purchasing items from Buy Stations.

Get the Rewards

Operation: Day Zero is going to offer not only individual rewards but even community rewards. Everyone has the chance to claim earned community rewards once the event ends. at the end of the event. Individual rewards meanwhile are handed out based on the total number of Event Points that players specifically contribute to the greater community total.

Here are some of the Community Rewards which can be earned:

  • "Gilded Devil King" Large Decal: Clear Zone 1
  • "Scorched Beginnings" Animated Calling Card: Clear Zone 2
  • "Golden Blaze" Emblem: Clear Zone 3
  • "Golden Flame" X12 Weapon Blueprint: Clear Zone 4
  • "Heavy Thunder" M4 Weapon Blueprint: Clear Zone 5
  • "Golden Phantom" Ghost Operator Skin: Clear Zone 6

Meanwhile, the Individual Rewards include:

  • "Crimson Blaze" Emblem
  • "Nightmare Rift" Calling Card
  • "Forsaken Past" Emblem
  • "Tearing Me Apart" Sticker
  • "Demon's Claw" Combat Knife Weapon Blueprint
  • "Last Word" Charm
  • "Hell Scrapper" LTV Vehicle Skin
  • "Nightmare Inferno" Large Decal
  • "Crimson Prince" X12 Weapon Blueprint
  • "Vengeful Devil King" Large Decal
  • "Raging Blaze" M4 Weapon Blueprint
  • "Bloody Reaper" Ghost Operator

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is launching March 22 and to be available worldwide through iOS and Android.

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