Here's Your Guide to the New Maps Arriving in Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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The new season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrives in a few days. One of the highlights of Season 2 is the addition of new maps to the game. There's going to be three new 6v6 maps along with a remaster version for a fan favorite. Today we'll give you a look on what these maps have to offer.

Das Haus

Das Haus was first made available back in Call of Duty: Vanguard. In Season 2, it's being remastered and returns to the series with an all-new look. This version is a bit brighter and has more of a feel of space. There's a lot to be happy in this one especially for those who prefer constant combat. There's the tight central hallway and the openings that's been place on either of the outer flank routes. It also has that penthouse environment which is sure to bring the fight to new heights.

This 6v6 small-sized arrives to the game mid-season.


The first of the three 6v6 maps is Departures. As the name implies, this map lets players explore the Departures area of the Zakhaev International Airport. One good way to describe it is that this is a good map for all ranges of combat. Compared to the Terminal for example, it's definitely larger. That means players should expect fights to not only be tactical but also rapid. The maps gives has a central main lobby which composed of the west-side ground-level exterior entrance, the main luggage check-in and thoroughfare, and the upper mezzanine walkway and security zone.

The map offers truly impressive sightlines along with various cover points. Of course, there are also close-quarter combat opportunities within Burger Town, Restaurant, and even Cosmetics Store. The Departures map, like the two other new maps, are available immediately at launch of Season 2.

Stash House

Stash House is a compact map that's sure to be chaotic. It's actually a recently raided stash house located in the Bay Area. There's a bundle of cash in the garage that players can either climb over or even dive behind. Once they get inside this suburban ranch home, they'll also notice that there are more cash scattered across the different rooms.

The house itself has an open-plan living room, kitchen, and den. Then there's an outside bar, hot tub, and extra dwelling in the backyard. Finally, there's the central Atrium chokepoint which is sure to be where the fights are going to happen. Overall, this is a map that's good for those looking to grind XP and prefer those constant and fast gunfights.


The third new map is Vista, which is a Brazilian mountaintop resort that has gift shops, restaurants, and trams. Despite being a new map, longtime players are sure to get the classic feel to it especially with the long-range exteriors and the three-lane map with tight interiors. Players start at the opposite ends of the map which is either the Plaza or the Funicular.

Released in 2011, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is available for the PC.

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