Yes, The Baby In Death Stranding Can Talk And Here's How

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Apparently, the baby in the game has the ability to communicate.
Apparently, the baby in the game has the ability to communicate. Sony

It turns out that the baby in Death Stranding is actually able to communicate with you. This happens when you are trying to put the Bridge Baby to sleep using the DualShock 4 controller, allowing you to hear his cries from the device itself.

Hideo Kojima revealed via a tweet that the voice of the Bridge Baby will come via the speaker on controllers when playing the PS4-exclusive title. It is a setting that you can always be deactivated if you feel a bit weird about the controller crying.

“By setting, you’ll be able to have BB’s voice coming out from this BBish controller,” Kojima tweeted alongside an impressive series of emojis, including a bunch of sea animals and a skull.

The Death Stranding developer specifically mentioned that this option will only arrive with the special edition Death Stranding bundle controller. However, a representative from the tech giant revealed that it is not necessarily the case – the option will not be limited to the bundle.

“It should technically work across all DS4 wireless controllers,” the Sony representative said.

The translucent gold Bridge Baby controller will just add to the overall experience of playing Death Stranding, of course. If you are really looking forward to the entire experience, you can purchase the Death Stranding bundle when it arrives come Nov. 8. Just keep in mind, though, that the controller does not come with a BB inside as mentioned in the promo trailer. The bundle also comes with a matte white 1 TB PlayStation 4 Pro and a copy of the game on Blu-ray. The bundle will cost your around $399.

In related news, Kojima revealed that he is involved in many aspects of Death Stranding, contrary to what most people think. As we have previously reported here, his involvement in developing the upcoming title goes beyond directing. He said that the phrase “a Hideo Kojima game” means a “declaration” of him working on production, concept, script, original story, and casting, among many others.

“A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME means the declaration of me doing concept, produce, original story, script, setting, game design, casting, dealing, directing, difficulty adjustments, promoting, visual design, editing, supervising the merch,” he said in a tweet.

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