Hideo Kojima Says His Involvement In Death Stranding Goes Beyond Directing

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He explains why "a Hideo Kojima game" is included in the game's marketing.
He explains why "a Hideo Kojima game" is included in the game's marketing. E3

Posting on Twitter, legendary game maker Hideo Kojima said that he has extensive involvement in the development of upcoming PS4-exclusive title Death Stranding. According to him, the “a Hideo Kojima game” is the “declaration” of him doing production, concept, script, original story, and casting, among many others.

“A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME means the declaration of me doing concept, produce, original story, script, setting, game design, casting, dealing, directing, difficulty adjustments, promoting, visual design, editing, supervising the merch,” he wrote.

Kojima, however, said that he does not really do this for games he doesn’t have any original idea. Even if a title has his contribution, the line will not be included if he has no say in its design, production, and original story.

In another tweet which he posted 24 hours later, Kojima expressed his gratitude to “people in Sony,” musicians, and cast for supporting him “w/zero start.”

“All my staff who spent the destiny together and more than anything, fans who supported my restart,” he continued.

Kojima, who is best known for his Metal Gear series, has been working on the development of Death Stranding for about four years already. He started working on the title right after he departed Konami back in 2015. Interestingly, Sony backed Kojima Productions and a new partnership surfaced. Kojima said recently that while some of his staff decided to join him on creating Death Stranding, many from different game studios and “totally different industries” also supported him.

“We even have freshman employees. We received support from outsourcing, I thank them too,” he wrote. “But since it is ‘A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME’, I believe I can assure you my taste and quality that you can find in my previous titles.”

Death Stranding is expected to release for PS4 on November 8. Kojima recently gave the public 50 minutes of the game’s new gameplay during a live stream from the Tokyo Game Show.

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