World of Warships: Round 2 of Update 0.10.8 Public Test Has Started

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Wargaming and Lesta Studio will conduct another round of public testing for World of Warships Update 0.10.8. Those who will join this time will receive some Community Tokens, which you can exchange for Tier V and Tier VII premium ship containers, rare permanent camouflages, and more.

The public test will include content and features from the sixth anniversary of World of Warships, as well as the Soviet Aircraft Carriers event.

The second round of the public test has already started and will end on Tuesday, August 31 at 1.30 a.m. EST. If you participate, don’t forget to provide feedback as it can help the devs find errors to fix and things to improve.

  • Balance changes made to German and Soviet aircraft carriers, Franklin D Roosevelt, and several other ships
  • Fixed several issues and changed the background on the queue screen in the Convoys battle type
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Grand battle icon to be displayed instead of the Convoys icon in combat mission descriptions
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "impossible to hit the target" icon to be displayed above ships that can be hit by deepwater torpedoes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the sound of ASW armament reloading to be played in Random battles on ships with ASW armament
  • Fixed an issue that caused ships on the "Neighbors" map to be stuck near one of the islands
  • Fixed an issue that caused bonuses to ship detectability to be displayed incorrectly on some of the upgrades
  • Fixed several other issues

Starting Bonuses

To make it easier for you to test as many features as possible, the developers have reduced the research prices for ships and ship modules. In addition, you can reset Commander skills for free.

Aside from that, you will have 500 million Credits, 30,000 Doubloons, and 90 days of Warships Premium credited to your account. Further, 50 signals of all types, except for special ones, will also be added to your public test account.

When playing in the test server, completing combat missions allows you to earn Community Tokens. For instance, earning 1,000 base XP in random and co-op battles will reward you with 200 Community Tokens on the live server.

All rewards that you will get are automatically credited to your account within a few days after the release of a new version.

So, are you going to participate in round two of the public testing of Update 0.10.8?

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