World of Warships Launches Season 14 of Clan Battles

Time to do battle.
Time to do battle. Wargaming

World of Warships launched Season 14 of its Clan Battles. This is a good way for players to show off their skills. Both individual battles and general progress are important here. Winning Clan Battles result in valuable rewards including Steel, Coal, Clan Tokens, and special signals.

Today we take a look into Clan Battles.


Let’s start with the rules. Clan Battles is a 7v7 battle using Tier VI ships. The maps that allow Clan Battles are:

  • Hotspot
  • Sleeping Giant
  • Neighbors
  • Trident
  • Northern Waters
  • Crash Zone Alpha
  • Big Race

In addition, these are the rules that apply to all maps:

  • Number of Key Areas: 3
  • Capture time: 30 seconds
  • Scoring of capture points: 3 points every 4 seconds


Like in the previous season, there are certain restrictions on the number of specific ships per team. These restrictions are set either for the entire season or for specific periods. For example, restrictions may be set two weeks after the season starts with new restrictions implemented a few weeks later.

For Season 14, the restrictions are:

  • A maximum of two aircraft carriers or battleships (or a combination of both) per team.
  • VI Admiral Graf Spee and VI HSF Admiral Graf Spee are not accessible in Clan Battles.
  • No more than three mercenaries per Division.

Clan Treasury

Once the season ends, Clans that can make it to the top 50 of the Global Rating get Steel as a reward. These are:

  • Rank 1: 25,000
  • Rank 2: 22,500
  • Rank 3: 20,000
  • Rank 4: 17,500
  • Rank 5 to Rank 50: 16,250 to 5,000
    • Each following step brings 250 Steel less.

Clans that don’t make it to the top 50 still receive Steel and Coal. The actual amount depends on the league and group and these are:

  • League: Hurricane
    • Group: 1
      • Steel: 2,500
      • Coal: 25,000
  • League: Typhoon
    • Group: 1
      • Steel: 1,500
      • Coal: 25,000
    • Group: 2
      • Steel: 1,000
      • Coal: 20,000
    • Group: 3
      • Coal: 15,000
  • League: Storm
    • Group: 1
      • Coal: 12,500
    • Group: 2
      • Coal: 10,000
    • Group: 3
      • Coal: 7,500
  • League: Gale
    • Group: 1
      • Coal: 5,000


The new season of Clan Battles arrived alongside update 0.10.7. One of the highlights of this new update is the introduction of the submarine into Ranked Battles. Read more about it here.

World of Warships is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. There is also a mobile version for Android and iOS.

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