World of Warships Launching 5v5 Brawls for Limited Period

Time for a quick fight.
Time for a quick fight. Wargaming Group

Brawls in World of Warships has been updated yet again. This time, it’s now a 5v5 match that should make the fights faster and more dynamic. Players can go at it solo or in a Division. The new Brawls starts today, June 7, and lasts until June 14.

Main features include:

  • Each Brawl runs for only a few days.
    • This battle type won’t be available during low-activity periods.
  • ​Players can finish a special combat mission chain and win battles to earn various rewards like Credits and Coal.
  • For those who don’t enter the queue in a Division, they have their allies chosen at random.
    • Matchmaking takes ship type into account.
  • ​The ship-type compositions of each team don't necessarily mirror each other.
  • For each new battle, players won't be matched with any opponents that they fought against in their last several battles.
  • Bonuses for the first win of the day are not available in Brawls.

Here are the other things you need to keep in mind for Brawls:

  • Format
    • 5 vs. 5
    • Players can use Tier X ships of any type.
    • Ship restrictions per team:
      • A maximum of one aircraft carrier.
      • Up to two battleships.
        • If the team has one aircraft carrier, there can be no more than one battleship in the same team.
      • Up to two cruisers.
      • Up to two destroyers.
  • Game maps
    • New Dawn
    • Trident
    • Warrior’s Path
    • Shards
    • Crash Zone Alpha
  • Modes
    • Domination mode
  • Rewards
    • Earn as much as 2,250,000 Credits
    • 80,000 Elite Commander XP
    • 10,000 Coal
    • 4x signals of each type, except for special ones.

Community Giveaway

World of Warships is also celebrating its collaboration with Warhammer 40,000 and is holding a special giveaway event. To join simply follow these steps:

  • Customize your Steam profile with one of the new World of Warships profile backgrounds from the Steam Points Shop.
    • Leave it in place and don't change it until June 17.
  • ​Leave a comment starting with #chaos for players who are for Chaos, or with #imperium for those who are for The Imperium.
    • This is to help identify event participants.
  • ​After changing the profile background, players need to complete the special combat mission to get an instant reward.
    • This combat mission is available from June 10 to June 15.

So what’s at stake for this event?

  • All participants are guaranteed to get prizes for using Steam Point Shop items on their profiles.
    • 2x Primordial Annihilator camouflages or 2x Protector of the Faith camouflages (this depends on the hashtag written in the comments section).
  • All participants get an instant reward for completing the special combat mission.
    • 1x “Warhammer 40,000 — Chaos” container or 1x “Warhammer 40,000 — Imperium” container (this depends on the hashtag written in the comments section).
  • Five lucky random winners get super prizes:
    • Warhammer 40K DLC worth 14,200 Doubloons.

Which one are you more excited about, the new Brawls or the Community giveaway?

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