World of Warships Currently Testing Grand Battle Mode

Time for some interesting fights.
Time for some interesting fights. Wargaming

It looks like something big is sailing its way to World of Warships with a new mode in testing. The Grand Battle gives captains the chance to helm super battleships.

The Grand Battle is a 9v9 game mode with players being able to use Tier IX–X, including super battleships. The only restriction is that each team can only have a maximum of three super battleships.

The development team revealed that Grand Battle arrives with Update 0.10.5. However, they reminded players that since this is still being tested and not every change or new feature may reach the live version.

If Grand Battle pushes through, players initially get the Satsuma and Hannover for rent once it goes live. Here are some details for these two super battleships:

  • Satsuma
    • A project based on Yamato that offers reinforced primary armament.
    • It has 510-millimeter guns in four twin-gun turrets.
  • Hannover
    • A version of the H-42 project.
    • It has 483-mm guns in four twin-gun turrets.
    • Its secondary battery is dual-purpose artillery with a caliber of 128 mm.

To join the fight in a super battleship, players need a new and temporary resource known as Intelligence Reports. Rewards in Grand Battle include Dazzling expendable camouflages, a commemorative flag, and the Grand Battle patch.

Adjustment Fire

Super battleships are also going to have a new mechanic called adjustment fire. Whenever a gun salvo manages to hit a locked target or lands near it, it will fill the adjustment fire meter. Once this meter is filled, some of the ship characteristics receive a temporary boost.

The Satsuma gets a bonus for the accuracy of its main battery. The Hannover, on the other hand, gets a bonus for the range and accuracy of the secondary battery.

Attack Aircraft

Update 0.10.5 is making changes to attack aircraft as well, specifically to the rocket-launching mechanics. Attack aircraft will now fire small-caliber machine guns before an attack. While it doesn’t really do any damage, it does show the spot where the rockets can hit.

You can read the other planned changes in Update here.

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