World of Warcraft Nerfs Anduin Wrynn and Rygelon in March 21 Hotfix

World of Warcraft March 21 Update
World of Warcraft March 21 Update Twitter/@Warcraft

Blizzard has released another hotfix that nerfs some of the bosses found in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. These include the adjustments for Anduin Wrynn and Rygelon.

Anduin Wrynn is a popular figure in WoW’s lore and he is the eighth boss in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. That said, it seems that defeating him is now more achievable due to the changes he received, especially on normal and heroic difficulties.

For one, his Wicked Star ability, which not only damages you but also renders you unable to cast spells and abilities for a short period, has its duration reduced to just two seconds. On top of that, both Anduin’s Hope and Anduin’s Doubt have their HP and movement speed reduced by 20%.

Rygelon is the penultimate boss of the raid. The Dominated Constellar may be easier to defeat on the mythic difficulty for a number of reasons. First, Rygelon’s HP is reduced by 6%. Second, the damage of Stellar Decay and the health of Unstable Cores have been reduced by 25% as well.

Patch Highlights

Sepulcher of the First Ones
  • Anduin Wrynn
    • Purging Light damage reduced by 15% on Normal difficulty
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Empowered Wicked Stars to not damage and silence players
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Fragment of Hope to not properly deal damage
  • Lords of Dread
    • Mal'Ganis and Kin'tessa no longer clear their debuffs when entering Infiltration of Dread
    • Fixed an issue that could allow Kin'tessa or Mal'Ganis to strike an unexpected direction with Anguishing Strike or Leeching Claws
  • Rygelon
    • Reduced the magnitude of the healing absorb applied through Stellar Shroud by 10% on Mythic difficulty
    • Reworked the implementation for how Rygelon moves through phases, resulting in a more favorably consistent experience
    • Increased the responsiveness of Collapsing Quasar Fields if the contacting player has Dark Eclipse
    • Fixed an issue where Unstable Matter could fail to set their encounter boss UI frame after the first Shatter Sphere
    • Fixed an issue where Unstable Quasars could remain during Dark Quasar
    • Fixed an issue where Cosmic Radiation could persist after defeating the encounter
  • The Jailer
    • The Persecution debuff now lasts 30 seconds on Mythic difficulty (was 40 seconds)
Items and Rewards
  • The Protoform Sentience Crown will now correctly drop for all players who have unlocked Protoform Synthesis (Mount) and have not yet acquired all three mounts the Crown is required for (Buzz, Ineffable Skitterer, and Pale Regal Cervid)
Pet Battles
  • The Fierce Scarabid battle pet can now be traded

World of Warcraft March 21 hotfix is available on PC.

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