World of Warcraft March 9 Hotfix: Balancing Changes to Enhancement Shaman's Lava Lash

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Blizzard

The developers at Blizzard have launched another update for World of Warcraft that brings further balancing changes to the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. It also implements some balancing changes to Enhancement Shamans, particularly their Lava Lash ability.

The Vigilant Guardian has been nerfed yet again, especially on Mythic difficulty. For one, its HP has been reduced by 10% and its Spike of Creation damage is reduced by a whopping 50%. Moreover, the Point Defense Drones no longer cast Blast when the boss is channeling Exposed Core.

In addition, enrage timers for certain bosses have been adjusted, particularly for Artificer Xy’mox (increased to 10 minutes on Mythic) and the Lords of Dread (13 minutes on Normal). This gives players more time to kill the said bosses before they have a chance of wiping the entire team.

Aside from the changes in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, the Enhancement Shaman has received some adjustments to their Lava Lash ability. One of the most notable tweaks is that Lava Lash now prioritizes targets affected by the Lashing Flames (talent) debuff. Furthermore, the Flame Shocks from Lava Lash no longer apply to enemies under crowd control (CC) effects that break from damage. This gives Enhancement Shamans the freedom to use the ability without fear of the enemy breaking out of CC.


  • Enhancement
    • Lava Lash spread Flame Shocks no longer apply to neutral enemies that are out of combat
    • Fixed an issue where Flame Shock would potentially fall off the primary target when Flame Shock was spread on the maximum number of targets
    • Lava Lash will no longer refresh Flame Shock on your primary target
  • Warlocks can now apply Succubus-specific cosmetic glyphs to Summon Sayaad and Summon Succubus. Succubus glyphs will be maintained, even when they have chosen Summon Incubus or Summon Sayaad
Creatures and NPCs
  • Mounts are no longer disabled around the quest characters in the center of Haven
Sepulcher of the First Ones
  • Vigilant Guardian
    • Force Field is now canceled 3 seconds after Exposed Core completes
    • Pneumatic Impact now resets Vigilant Guardian's melee swing timer
    • Blast range reduced to 40 yards (was 100 yards)
  • Prototype Pantheon
    • Bastion's Ward should no longer spawn atop Necrotic Ritualists
  • Lords of Dread
    • Mal'Ganis and Kin'tessa health reduced by 10% on Normal difficulty
  • Encrypted Affix
    • Fixed an issue causing Decrypted Urh Cypher to not reduce some cooldowns
  • Fixed an issue where the following trinkets’ on-use cooldowns wouldn’t reset after a raid boss encounter ends:
    • The First Sigil
    • Chains of Domination
    • Earthbreaker's Impact
    • Cache of Acquired Treasures
    • Grim Eclipse
    • Intrusive Thoughtcage
  • The Dance Dance Darkmoon item is now a toy and has been added to the Toy Box
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the use of the Anima Wyrm’s Necrotic Barrage during the quest “A Hasty Voyage"

World of Warcraft March 9 hotfix is available on PC.

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