World of Warcraft: March 14 Update Brings Massive Improvements to the Great Vault

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Blizzard

The March 14 update for World of Warcraft brings massive improvements to the Great Vault. It also brings some balancing changes to Mages and Shamans in PvP. These will be applied once the realm restarts.

For the uninitiated, the Great Vault was introduced in the Shadowlands expansion and is located in Oribos. It is a weekly chest that contains pieces of gear based on how many mythic dungeons you’ve cleared, how many raid bosses you’ve defeated, or how many Honor Points you’ve accumulated in the previous week. For example, if you’ve focused solely on PvP (and thus gaining Honor Points) last week, you’ll see the chest containing some PvP gear.

That said, the Attendant’s Token of Merit has been updated. You can now carry 12 tokens instead of three. Moreover, you’ll now receive tokens based on how many Great Vault segments you’ve unlocked. So, if you’ve unlocked three or more segments and have chosen the token reward, you’ll receive six tokens. This is a huge change because, back then, you can only get either one piece of gear or Tokens of Merit but not both.

Patch Highlights

  • Fire
    • Flamecannon’s (PvP Talent) buff duration reduced to 3 seconds
    • Pyrokinesis (PvP Talent) now causes Fireball to reduce the cooldown of Combustion by 2 seconds
    • Tinder (PvP Talent) now reduces the cast time of your next Fireball by 30%
  • Enhancement
    • The healing increase to Maelstrom Weapon provided by Focused Lightning (Conduit) has been decreased by 70% while engaged in PvP combat
Great Vault
  • Ko’tul in Oribos now offers many new items:
    • Ephemera-Infused Mesh: Add a socket to a Shadowlands Season 3 helmet, necklace, bracer, belt, or ring that does not already have a socket. Costs 6 Attendant’s Token of Merit
    • Overflowing Chest of Riches: Rewards an average of 3,000 gold. Costs 3 Attendant’s Token of Merit
    • Certified Vouchsafe: Increase your Renown with your current covenant by 1, up to the cap of 80. This item is bound to your account. Costs 1 Attendant’s Token of Merit
    • Bottled Night Sky: Rewards 25 Genesis Motes, used for Protoform Synthesis. Costs 1 Attendant’s Token of Merit
    • Treatise on Patterns in the Purpose: Rewards 40 Cyphers of the First Ones. Costs 1 Attendant’s Token of Merit
    • Tribute to the Enlightened: Rewards 150 Reputation with the Enlightened. Costs 1 Attendant’s Token of Merit
  • Discipline
    • (2) Set Bonus: Fixed an issue where Shadow Mend would consume 2 stacks of Manifested Twilight
  • Protection
    • (4) Set Bonus: Fixed an issue with Avatar not gaining an additional 10% damage while active

You can read the full patch notes on World of Warcraft’s official website.

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