World Of Warcraft Launches Battle For Azeroth Season 4

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Welcome the new season.
Welcome the new season. Blizzard

World of Warcraft's Battle for Azeroth Season 4 is finally here. There are a lot of new things arriving with the start of the season, like the new affix Awakened and new PvP content.

Mythic Keystone Dungeons

For Season 4, players are going to get the new affix known as Awakened. As long as the Awakened affix is active, players are going to discover obelisks throughout the dungeon. The obelisks pull players through the veil to the shadowy world of Ny’alotha. Here players are going to face a powerful servant of N’Zoth that they need to defeat, or the servant is going to join forces with the final boss in the instance. Once players beat this lieutenant, the party then returns to their regular reality in the location that they're currently standing in.

For the dungeons, the item levels of rewards from level 120 Normal, Heroic, and Mythic dungeons have been increased by 30. In addition they can now be corrupted by N’Zoth. Baseline rewards, meanwhile, are now item-level 400 from Normal, 415 from Heroic, and 430 from non-Keystone Mythic dungeons.

During the first week of Season 4, rewards that come from end-of-run chests are capped at item-level 445 for Mythic Keystone at +6 difficulty or PvP Rank 2. Meanwhile, the reward cache is going to contain a Season 3 reward. Once the second week starts, the weekly cache is not going to be affected by the cap, and will reward Season 4 items at higher item levels.

Season 4 PvP Update

Season 4 offers new player-versus-player content, like the new Teeming Islands Brawl. What this large-scale battle does is it brings together two teams of 10 on an island that, as its name implies, is overflowing with powerful creatures. In addition, the Teeming Islands Brawl offers an extra challenge to the shores of PvP Island Expeditions by increasing the total amount of players from six to 20 on the biggest islands like Havenswood and Jorundall.

Participants can earn two new mounts. One is the Vicious White Bonesteed for Horde and the other is the Vicious White Warsaber for Alliance. In addition, the highest-rated players unlock the new Corrupted Gladiator’s Proto-Drake mount.

The new Season also adds reward updates like increasing the item level rewards in Random Battlegrounds by 30. In the first week of Season 4, end-of-match rewards are going to be capped at item-level 445. This is going to require Challenger rank to earn. Once week 2 starts, Challenger rank rewards are going to be capped at item-level 460.

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