World of Warcraft: January 4 Hotfix Buffs Some Vault of the Incarnates Trinkets

January 4 Hotfix
January 4 Hotfix Blizzard

Blizzard developers are now back in the office to implement some changes to World of Warcraft. A new update was released recently that buffed certain trinkets found in the Vault of the Incarnates, a raid introduced in the Dragonflight expansion.

The Spiteful Storm and the Iceblood Deathsnare trinkets have been buffed in the latest hotfix for World of Warcraft.

Spiteful Storm is a trinket where casting spells and abilities will build stacks of Spite. Once players have built five stacks, a Spiteful Stormbolt is fired toward the enemy and deals nature damage to them. In the latest update, this damage is increased by 15%.

The Iceblood Deathsnare deals frost damage to the target upon use, while also encasing them in a Crystalline Web for 15 seconds. Enemies within the web take frost damage when struck.

That said, Iceblood Deathsnare’s on-use damage is increased by 30%. Besides that, the on-hit effect damage is increased by 50%, meaning players can now take down tougher enemies with this trinket better than before.

Some bug fixes have been implemented as well. The bug that caused Notfar the Unbearable to not give players their just rewards for defeating him, for example, has been squashed.


  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue causing Divine Toll to sometimes cast the incorrect spell.
  • Rogue
    • Fixed an issue that caused Grappling Hook to break Stealth when talented into Subterfuge.
  • Fixed an error that could sometimes occur when taking off.
Azure Vaults
  • Telash Greywing
    • Fixed an issue where using an immunity on Icy Devastator would cause the next Frost Bomb to happen sooner.
Brakenhide Hollow
  • Fixed an issue where Gashtooth would cast Marked for Butchery on pets. This should now correctly only target players.
Court of Stars
  • Advisor Melandrus
    • Fixed an issue that caused the images of Melandrus to inflict more damage than intended with Slicing Maelstrom. The damage of Slicing Maelstrom is now normalized across all enemies in the encounter and has been adjusted to compensate.
    • Increased the unavoidable damage effect of Slicing Maelstrom by 20%.
    • Reduced the additional damage of Slicing Maelstrom to players within 7 yards by 30%.
  • Fixed an issue where Blazebinder's Hoof would not trigger off certain melee attacks.
  • Desperate Invoker's Codex
    • Lowered the amount of self-damage the player takes on-use by 20%.
    • Fixed an issue where players could gain stacks of Hatred outside of combat.
  • Rumbling Ruby
    • Fixed an issue where the damaging shockwaves weren't hitting exceptionally large targets.
  • Whispering Incarnate Icon
    • Allied buffs no longer require you to be in a Party.
  • The option to skip some of the profession quests if you have already done them on another character by talking to Haephesta has been re-enabled.

World of Warcraft January 4 Hotfix is available on PC.

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