World of Tanks: All Skills Now Called Perks in Update 1.20.1

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World of Tanks got Update 1.20.1 recently, which significantly changed several things, like all skills now being called perks.

Perks are already in effect from the start of the training and will increase in effectiveness as they level up. Moreover, some perks have received noteworthy adjustments.

Mentor is a commander perk in World of Tanks that previously gave bonus experience points only to the crew members. However, in Update 1.20.1, this skill now affects the commander of the crew as well.

In addition, Eagle Eye is a useful perk that allows the commander to identify the enemy's critically-damaged modules. That said, Eagle Eye received a slight adjustment where the 0.5-second delay in identifying critically-damaged modules decreases as the perk is trained.

Aside from perks, this patch introduced six new Japanese tank destroyers from Tier V to Tier X:

  • Tier V: Type 3 Ho-Ni III
  • Tier VI: Type 95 Ji-Ro
  • Tier VII: Chi-To SP
  • Tier VIII: Ho-Ri 2
  • Tier IX: Ho-Ri 1
  • Tier Х: Ho-Ri 3
Ho-Ni III Wargaming Studios



  • Major qualification levels now affect all perks (excluding Brothers in Arms): The higher the level, the stronger the perk's effect.
  • If two crew members have the same perk, the one with the higher level will take effect. Exception: The Intuition perk takes the average value for all Loaders.
  • Perks lose effect when the corresponding crew member is injured.
  • Perks are conditionally divided into the following three categories: group perks, individual perks, and perks with situational effects.
  • The Brothers-in-Arms perk no longer requires all crew members to have it fully trained.
  • There will no longer be an XP penalty when a player finishes a battle with injured crew members.
  • Garage
    • The effects of all perks will now be displayed in the vehicle characteristics widget in the Garage.
    • We have updated the design and information displayed in the tooltips when hovering over the vehicle parameters.
    • The formula used to calculate average damage and average damage per minute has been changed to account for the potential impact of the new perks. The current values of these characteristics have not changed.
    • The exact values of the bonus to perks from crew directives are now displayed.
  • Battle
    • The situational perk panel has been added to the battle interface. Notifications can be enabled/disabled in the game settings.
    • The notifications for situational skills work both in Spectator Mode and when watching replays.


  • WoT Plus subscriptions are now available to players for a limited time.
  • WoT Plus subscriptions will require a recurring payment using real money.
  • Subscribers will have access to the exclusive TS-54 heavy tank, Gold Reserve, Intensive Crew Regimen, and an additional excluded map.

So, what can you say about the skill changes in World of Tanks Update 1.20.1?

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