Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Arrives On Xbox Game Pass

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While Netflix is gearing up for the first episode of The Witcher TV series, Microsoft has surprised Xbox Game Pass owners by adding Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to its subscription service. The game will be available to download and play starting from December 19. Witcher 3 has been applauded for being one of the best Action-RPG games of all time. The game's enormous main story, hundreds of hours of side quests, and the vast open-world that is waiting to be explored will enchant anybody.

Although Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the third installment in the Witcher trilogy, you don't have to play the first two Witcher games to become immersed and enjoy the story of Witcher 3 on Xbox Game Pass. However, having a bit of background information on Geralt and his allies can help understand the flow of Witcher 3's story. Even if you are someone who isn't a fan of RPG games, we insist that you give Witcher 3 a shot and look at all the hard work that CD Projekt Red put into this masterpiece. Since the game is now available on the Xbox Game Pass, you don't have anything to lose for trying it out if you have a subscription.

At the same time, it is also a great time to try out the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Bundle, featuring Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Live Gold. Buying the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate during the holiday season will only cost you $1. Moreover, you also get one month of EA Access, Discord Nitro for three months, and Spotify Premium for six months.

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