Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Update 4.1 Is Now Live

Expect faster gameplay.
Expect faster gameplay. CD PROJEKT RED

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game announced that update 4.1 is now live for the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One. This update brings various quality of life improvements. One change that players are sure to love is that there's no longer any need to wait for animations to fully finish before taking the next action.

There are a number of new features that arrived with this new update. These include:

  • Decoupled logic and visuals.
    • Game should feel and play much faster now.
    • Players no longer need to wait for animations to fully finish before taking your next action.
  • A blue/red banner appears under/above the coin indicating the current players turn.
  • VFX played when a player's score overtakes their opponents.
  • Score changes size upon being increased/decreased.
  • Chains cover the coin to lock it if a player uses an order before playing a card for their turn.
  • A warning is given if the player tries to overcommit by using an order/leader (without having played a card) when they are winning and the opponent has passed.
  • Available actions a player can make at any given time now have a green glow around them (hand, leader ability, coin).
  • Targettable cards on the board gain a green glow to make it visually easy to identify which can be targetted.
  • When an opponent plays a card, it is moved visually to the play stack, the tooltip is shown and then it is played.
    • There are settings available to turn off the tooltip length or decrease the time it stays up.
  • Added a new Round transition flow to make it clear which round players are currently in.
  • When the leader ability is used (by either player), it is visualized with a yellow pulse around the ability icon.
  • Several cards visuals were reworked for optimization.
  • The leader ability can be triggered by tapping the ability icon (in addition to the leader).
  • Added new icon on card in deck builder to indicate if there is enough resources to craft a card without going into big preview.
  • Different SFX depending on the surface the card lands on when played

You can view the complete list of changes with update 4.1 here.

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