Watch ‘Empire’ Season 3 Episode 8 ‘The Unkindest Cut’ Online: Is Nessa The New Anika?

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In Season 2, episode 14 of "Empire," Anika returns, ready to reveal her pregnancy news. Fox

In Empire Season 3, episode 8, which airs at 9 p.m. EST Wednesday, Andre is still struggling with the loss of his wife, Rhonda, despite his budding relationship with Nessa. Rhonda died during the beginning of Season 3 after falling off of a balcony in the middle of a fight with Anikha. Andre and Rhonda had been in a disagreement prior to her death, plus the two were mourning the death of their unborn son.

Ever since Rhonda’s death, Andre appears to have fallen off his Christian path and become involved in more treacherous things, such as Lucious’ feud with Shine. An episode 8 promo shows Cookie showing concern for Andre amid his new temperament.

Viewers also know that Rhonda was in charge of things like making sure that Andre, who is bipolar, took his medication and paid attention to his mental health. While telling Nessa about how Rhonda took care of him, Nessa lets Andre know she won’t be doing the same.

Episode 8 will also include several interesting clashes. Nessa looks to take Tiana’s spot as the top female performer at Empire Records and attempts to sabotage the singer to initiate the rivalry. Tiana, who is usually mild tempered, extremely upset when Nessa “accidentally” sets her dress on fire.  

Will Nessa start a full-fledged feud with Tiana? We will find out more during episode 8, “The Unkindest Cut,” which is best viewed on television or live online through Fox Now.

Empire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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