Watch Dogs: Legion Delays Launch of Online Mode

Looks like a delay is in the works.
Looks like a delay is in the works. Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion announced that it is delaying the release of the online mode. Originally set to be launched tomorrow, March 9, no new date has been announced. It’s sure to be bad news to those who were excited about this new game mode.

Release Delayed

The dev team revealed in a post the different reasons for the delay. The biggest issue so far has been for the PC version. In particular, it’s been found out that the game was crashing for players with certain GPUs. While the team is working on this issue as fast as they can, it seems they’re not risking it and will only launch the new mode once everything has been fixed. The team hopes to reveal the new launch date soon.

There’s also a problem with Tactical Op. The team said that they’ve identified the issue that caused the game to crash. As such, the release of the first Tactical Op for PS, Xbox, and Stadia has now been moved to March 23.

Finally, the team is also working on the issues related to the in-game text chat for PS4 and PS5. The fix is scheduled to arrive also on March 23.

New Online Mode

The new online mode is expected to offer players a co-op free-roam open world. Here, players can invite their friends to form a team of up to four players and take on city events, finish challenges, and go through side activities together. There are also new co-op missions that offer new co-op gameplay mechanics. This should give players the chance to come up with the perfect team to save London.

The new online mode is also set to offer the first-ever four-player co-op Tactical Op. Titled "Leader of the Pack," this Tactical Op needs both teamwork and efficiency. It has a total of five interconnected narrative missions that are excellent for players looking for a challenge.

Finally, the online mode will introduce the first-ever PvP mode known as Spiderbot Arena. This free-for-all deathmatch has four players fight and control armed spiderbots. Learn more about this new online mode here.

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