Watch Dogs: Legion Launching Online Mode on March 9

Take on missions with friends.
Take on missions with friends. Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion is launching its newest online mode on March 9. If that’s not enough good news, it’s going to be offered for free to all players. With this, players have the chance to take on cooperative missions and challenges with friends.

Watch Dogs: Legion Live Producer Lathieeshe Thillainathan upped the excitement by revealing that players and their co-op partners can recruit the same person. He added that this should allow players to leave a game with a different kind of memory.

New Online Mode

The new online mode arrives as part of a free update and features:

  • A free-roam and open-world co-op where players can form a team of up to four players with friends.
    • Together they can do a lot of things like exploring London, encountering city events, and even completing challenges. They can even take part in side activities.
  • ​Take on new co-op missions through the new co-op gameplay mechanics.
    • This should give players the chance to form the best team and fight against the threat facing London.
  • ​Leader of the Pack
    • This is the first co-op Tactical Op where a team of four players needs efficiency and teamwork to succeed.
    • It’s composed of five interconnected narrative missions and made for players who are looking for a challenge.
  • Spider Arena
    • Enjoy this first PvP mode where four players control armed spiderbots and take part in a free-for-all deathmatch.

Players who manage to finish any online activity earn XP that allows them to increase their rank as well as unlock different rewards.

Season Pass holders, meanwhile, get access to unique single-player missions. which are:

  • Guardian Protocol
    • DedSec has tracked an algorithm that could let AI override human decisions.
    • If not found, it can turn weaponized drones into what could be autonomous executioners.
  • Not in Our Name
    • A secret group has been stealing DedSec’s name and even stealing information.
    • It seems a tabloid owner has hired the group to use stolen info to blackmail victims.

Future Content

Besides the new online mode, players also get access to many free updates to be released in the future. These include free characters, new co-op missions, and even a new Invasion PvP mode.

Season Pass owners also get access to:

  • Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline story expansion
  • New playable heroes like:
    • Mina, a subject of transhuman experiments that possesses the ability to control minds.
    • Darcy, a member of the Assassin Order.
    • Aiden Pearce and Wrench from the Watch Dogs franchise.

Watch Dogs: Legion is offered in three editions: Gold, Ultimate, and Collector. Get the game here.

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