Wasteland 3 Patch 1.3.3 Adds More Difficulty Issues, Respec Options, and More

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The upcoming update for Wasteland 3 is going to be huge. The developers are adding in new features, such as Permadeath, Respec, and Difficult Skill Checks. This update will challenge players to their limits while spicing up character customization with some great additions.

Permadeath Mode

This mode will allow each character to have one life, and after their death, there won’t be a respawn option. The developers have decided to implement this feature in single-player, as multiplayer co-op games with this feature would likely be boring. The permadeath mode must be selected at the start of the single-player mode, and you cannot undo it unless you want to start over.

After the death of a party member, their belongings will be transferred into a local shared inventory. Make sure you don’t wipe your entire squad as you will earn a non-negotiable, do-not-pass-go, Game Over death screen.


The new update will let players re-specialize their characters. To access this feature, players need to head towards the HQ and go to the Manage Squad screen. There will be a small fee to re-specialize, so collect some in-game coins if you want to change traits.

Difficult Skill Checks

This new option enables players to customize their difficulty settings. This option will pop-up when you start a new game and will increase the skills in-game by +2. Some of the skill checks affected are:

  • World interactions (ex: locked doors)
  • Conversation interactions (ex: kiss-ass checks in conversations)
  • Hacking and Taming checks on animals and robots
  • Item skill requirements on gear (ex: weapons have skill requirements)
  • Attribute requirements on gear (ex: heavy armor requires strength)

So, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Wasteland 3 update? Are you planning on trying it out? Personally, I think the update is going to make the game a bit more difficult, which is good for players who want a challenge. The permadeath mode will be an interesting addition since there would be a good chance to lose a character you like.

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