Wasteland 3 Patch 1.3.0 Robots & Rangers Update

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inXile Entertainment, the developer of Wasteland 3, released a new update that adds a new difficulty level, cosmetics, and more. A new difficulty setting has been introduced for players who just want to cruise through the story without having to put a lot of effort. Also, they can now check the cosmetic content like hairs, beards, and pants in the character creation mode.

The update fixed a performance issue where animation stutters due to FPS drops while moving. For those who don't know, this issue was more noticeable on the PS4. Players who want more keybindings can now do so in the Settings menu. These keybindings are available for mouse and keyboard.

Wasteland 3 Patch 1.3.0 Robots & Rangers Update


  • New difficulty mode: Tourist
  • Tourist mode is easier than Rookie, letting you enjoy Wasteland 3’s story, with combat difficulty taking a back seat.
  • New cosmetics!
  • New Hair, Beards, and Pants have been added to character creation.
  • The Handmade Wizard and Knight costumes will let you roleplay all your Robots & Rangers fantasies. Anyone already past the Cornered Rats mission (Garden of the Gods) will receive them automatically, while anyone progressing through the quests will want to head back to Ranger HQ to claim the care package outside the front doors. Equip the costumes at the wardrobe in Ranger HQ or the clothing shop in Downtown Colorado Springs ... and attack the darkness!
  • Intelligence now gives +1 skill point for every point of Intelligence spent, up from +1
  • This change applies retroactively to existing save games.
  • The Book Learnin’ and Answering Machine achievements are now achievable.
  • Note: The missing Book Learnin’ note becomes available after passing a Leadership skill check when first meeting the Patriarch and then speaking to Magistrate Silas Watkins in Downtown Colorado Springs.
  • Resolved an animation stutter that appeared as a framerate drop while moving, and was particularly noticeable on the PlayStation 4.
  • More actions are now able to be bound to keyboard and mouse, most notably camera panning. The game will also unmap double-bound keys to prevent input conflicts, and warn you about missing keybinds before you leave the menu.


  • GOG players can once again invite each other to a co-op game using the Galaxy overlay.
  • Fixed an issue where a Merchant Screen would continue showing when disconnected from a multiplayer session.
  • Multiple people trying to join the same co-op lobby at the same time will no longer result in one of them being stuck on a black screen.
  • The Minimap will now be present for the guest when initially loading into an MP session.
  • Fixed an odd bug where the host could in a rare instance be able to run the Kodiak around a zone like it was a squad member.
  • Fixed an issue where passing a Ranger to another user in the Manage Squad Screen would not allow that Ranger to be moved/removed from their squad until the screen was opened and closed again.
  • Fixed a UI issue where attempting to modify the same weapon/armor at the same time caused the UI to be partially unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where co-op players were sometimes not able to add companions to their squad even though they had room.

You can read more about the update here.

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