Warframe's New Empyrean Expansion Is Now Live On PC 

New expansion is here.
New expansion is here. Digital Extremes

Warframe announced that its latest expansion, Empyrean, is now live for the PC. This is the first of three phases for the Empyrean update. In addition to the launching of Empyrean, Warframe's Rising Tide is also now available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Empyrean offers next level cooperative gameplay. The focus of the update revolves around a planetary system on the precipice of The New War. Both veteran and new players find themselves playing closely together through high-level cooperation and communication skills. In addition, players get the chance to use new upgradeable offensive firepower. However, in order to succeed, players need to keep in mind offense and defense.

Empyrean also brings with it new innovative game systems that expand the space battle fantasy already offered by Warframe. There's no question that the new upgrade systems are not only powerful, but also deep. These include choosing simple Railjack aesthetics all the way to contstructing powers, armor, and weapons.

One feature that players can look forward to are the Intrinsics, where they get to experience a new and reliable RPG progression system. Playing through missions lets players earn Intrinsic points in order to be able to build their own player ranked skills.

Then there's also Avionics. These are the upgradable "powers" that work like Warframe Abilities and are comprised of Battle, Integrated, and Tactical types. Components refer to the guns, engines, reactors and shields with Armaments referring to weaponry that come with different firepower types.

Other highlights of the Empyrean update include:

  • Welcome to the Railjack
    • This new experience has players start at the helm of the Sigma Series Railjack battleship. This battleship is not only upgradeable but also customizable. It also serves as the centerpiece for all future Empyrean space missions, battles, as well as, Cinematic Quests.
  • Getting the Team Together
    • This phase of the update has been designed and optimized in order to offer a cooperative experience. Solo level can still be enjoyed with the difficulty and progression being balanced around full crws. There's no question that 2020 is going to bring improved solo capabilities along with more surprises.
  • Free Flight
    • If you're intimidated, don't be. Players can try out the Railjack in Free Flight Mode. With this they can learn the basics without the need to engage in battle and then simply join a squad when they think they're ready.
  • Railjack Powers
    • The Railjack also gives diverse options in order to counter Grineer assailants. Players can earn powerful moves as they progress. Making this manageable are the constantly updated technology the include Cloaking Fields and Void Holes, along with special moves like "Juke" to out-maneuver enemies.
  • Warframe Powers
    • Aboard the Railjack in combat, players get a wide range of fantasy-fulfilling options. They can choose for intance to drop and infiltrate enemy ships using the Archwings. For those who want to destroy smaller ships, there's always the dependable Archwing cannons.
    • Players can also use the Tactics map in order to tap into the on-board Warframe Abilities and cast abilitiess where and when need. Players can also direct their teammates to andress crises, weld hull holes and confront a boarding party. This also lets them teleport from one location to another.

Warframe Empyrean is available now on PC with console versions set to arrive in the future.

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