New Warframe Update Adds Playable Guitars

The latest update to Warframe stealthily added playable guitars called Shawzin to the game.
The latest update to Warframe stealthily added playable guitars called Shawzin to the game. Warframe Wiki

It may not be a highlight of the latest Warframe update, but the devs seemed to have snuck in something unexpected. As of the latest Warframe patch, you can now play guitar in-game.

Technically, it’s not a guitar. Instead, it’s a Tenno musical instrument called the Shawzin, which only looks and feels like a guitar, but isn’t. Funnily enough, Shawzins have been around in game for a while now - the most perceptive of Tenno might have seen them in backgrounds, lying around near markets, or elsewhere. However, it is only in the latest Warframe update that these instruments have become entirely playable - and by ‘playable’, we don’t just mean you can pick one up and have an animation showing you playing the Shawzin. Warframe now lets players play Guitar Hero (or should I say Shawzin Hero?) in its very own rhythm mini-game added in the latest patch.

The Warframe community has already expressed their enjoyment of the new feature, with many players taking to YouTube and social media to share videos of them playing pop culture songs on the Shawzin.

Another cool feature of the new minigame is that it lets players record and share their own songs through the use of song codes. By sharing song codes with one another, players can even compete to see who can play custom songs better, complete with a notes and scoring system akin to Guitar Hero.

Folks unfamiliar with Warframe are probably going “what the heck?”, but not Warframe fans. Since it launched back in 2013, Warframe has silently, but steadily, evolved into one of the most popular MMOs of the day, thanks in large part to its consistency in providing new features and content. For Warframe players who more often than not spend hours upon hours farming materials to improve themselves, being gifted the ability to play Guitar Hero in space is something that the community definitely appreciates.

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