Warframe: Hotfix 30.7.5 Buffs Ghoul Saw's Butcher’s Revelry Stance Combo Damage

Warframe Digital Extremes

Developer Digital Extremes introduced the new Ghoul Saw weapon when Nidus Prime Access was launched earlier this month. That said, the devs feel that the weapon needs more power. Hence, they’ve released Hotfix 30.7.5 recently to buff the Ghoul Saw considerably when initiating combos using the Butcher’s Revelry Stance.

According to the folks at DE, they wanted to increase the lethality of the Ghoul Saw based on player feedback. They believe that improving combo damage is a step in the right direction, so that is why straight up increased the damage multiplier of certain attack combinations.

For instance, the second hit of the Rip ‘n Ride combo has its damage multiplier increased to two. Also, the Reciprocator combo’s third hit in the second attack adds a guaranteed slash proc, which should improve your overall damage considering that the Ghoul Saw is a high-status value weapon.

What this all means is they incentivize those who execute the full suite of attacks available under the Butcher’s Revelry stance.

Patch Notes

Rictus’ Wrath Combo
  • Added guaranteed Slash status on the second hit
  • Increased damage multiplier from 2 to 3 of the third attack
  • Increased damage multiplier from 3 to 4 of the fourth attack
Rip ‘n Ride Combo
  • Increased damage multiplier of the second hit in the attack to 2
  • Increased damage multiplier of the final hit in the attack to 3
Reciprocator Combo
  • Increased the damage multiplier of the first two hits of the first attack to 1
  • Increased the damage multiplier of the fourth hit in the first attack to 2
  • Added a guaranteed Slash proc to the third hit in the second attack
  • Increased the damage multiplier of the final hit in the second attack to 4
  • Made micro-optimizations to reduce hitches in DirectX 12
  • Made a micro-optimization to rendering
  • Tweak elemental weapon FX to bring unification across elemental combos
  • Reskinned the Customization screen for the Note Beacon Decoration to reflect a more Vitruvian style
  • Fixed the Verv Ephemera FX being too transparent around the stomach area. You should see the FX more prominently now
  • Fixed inability to engage the Sepulcrum’s Alt Fire mode while aiming
  • Fixed Kuva Ayanga firing projectiles back on the player with maximum Fire Rate
  • Fixed Nidus Prime Larva not using custom colors
  • Fixed Revenant Mephisto Collection diorama in the Market missing the rear-cape detail
  • Fixed Xaku, Titania, and Gara not having a Blueprint hint button in the Market
  • Fixed not being able to scroll when viewing items displayed in the Leverian

Warframe Hotfix 30.7.5 is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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