Warframe: Nidus Prime Access Will Infest on September 8

Warframe Nidus Prime Access
Warframe Nidus Prime Access Digital Extremes

With Gara Prime Access coming to a close next week, Nidus Prime Access will infest and replace it in Warframe. In addition, the Operation: Plague Star event will commence on the same date.

Nidus Prime Access

Just like any Prime Warframe, you can get Nidus Prime in two ways. You can either go to the Plains of Eidolon and participate in the new Operation: Plague Star event, where you can acquire Relics that will contain its blueprints.

Alternatively, you can just spend your money and get the infested Prime Warframe as soon as it is available.

You can also acquire new exclusive Prime accessories and weapons. Here are the things that you can expect on September 8 with the Nidus Prime Access:

  • Nidus Prime
Prime Weapons
  • Strun Prime: A classic shotgun made for the Orokin elite. This weapon features altered Mod polarities.
  • Magnus Prime: This exquisite Orokin revolver also features altered Mod polarities.
Prime Accessories
  • Karnolyth Necramech Skin: Based on early experimental designs that use the outer casings of infested bone and meat, make Nidus Prime more fearsome with this skin.
  • Crinoid Prime Syandana: An infested Syandana that combines beauty and dread, it features swaying gilded tentacles.
Nidus Prime Syandana and Necramech Skin
Nidus Prime Syandana and Necramech Skin Digital Extremes

Take note that when you buy the Nidus Prime Exclusive Pack, you will also receive 90-day Resource and Affinity Boosters, along with Infested Orbiter Decorations to give the interior of your ship a more haunting atmosphere.

Operation: Plague Star

The Plains of Eidolon is in trouble as Cetus will be invaded by a horde of Infested creatures. Each wave you kill will send a new batch of Infested that is going to be more powerful than the last.

You have two objectives. The first is that you have to ensure the Village of Cetus won’t get overwhelmed.

The second is for you to take the Thrax Toxin from the Grineer and turn it into a bioweapon to use against the alien boil.

Participating in the Operation: Plague Star event will not only allow you to gather the blueprints for Nidus Prime, but it also gives you the chance to acquire the Ghoul Saw, which is a weapon of destruction that was featured in the dev stream last week.

Vaulted Primes

As is customary when a new Warframe enters Prime Access, there will be a set of equipment coming to the Prime Vault. Here are what will be vaulted next week:

  • Atlas Prime
  • Tekko Prime
  • Dethcube Prime

Warframe Nidus Prime Access will launch on September 8. So, are you going to get the exclusive pack or simply farm the new stuff?

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