The Wandering Village: Studio is Working on First Patch to Fix Reported Bugs

Always be on the move.
Always be on the move. Stray Fawn Studios

The Wandering Village was released last week, and in the first two days, it sold 50,000 copies. It also has a "Very Positive" rating on Steam. Despite this success, Stray Fawn Studio revealed that there are still a lot of things that need to be improved.

Stray Fawn is going through the feedback submitted and has started working on the game's first small patch. This upcoming patch will not only fix some of the bugs reported but also add a setting to switch the primary mouse button. Players can look forward to continuous updates during early access, which is expected to last for at least one year.

Below are the confirmed features coming to the game and other things being worked on:

  • Features:
    • New biome - Water
    • New biome - Ruins
    • New locations and events
    • New buildings
    • Tameable birds
    • Flying merchants to trade with
    • An additional Onbu skin
    • Controller support
    • Steam Deck support
    • Xbox version
  • Things to improve:
    • More story content
    • New and improved Onbu interactions
    • More city building mechanics
    • Better villager AI
    • Better balancing of the difficulty
    • UI interactions/understandability

Stretch Goals

Stray Fawn also revealed that some of the confirmed features mentioned were actually stretched goals, reached during the Kickstarter campaign. The unlocked stretch goals are:

  • Pet Onbu
    • Villagers can send a party to the head of the Onbu and pet it.
    • Reactions get cuter as the bond deepens.
  • Tame Birds
    • Villagers learn to tame wild birds.
    • The birds can become pets or help in scouting or foraging missions.
  • Water Biome
    • Villagers discover bodies of water that need to be crossed with Onbu.
    • These offer new opportunities and new threats.
  • Trade with Flying Merchants
    • Flying merchants roam the sky and pass by the village every now and then.
    • Trade with them to get rare resources and artifacts.
  • Ruins Biome
    • Villagers travel across a strange land filled with mysterious artifacts and abandoned ruins.
    • They tell the tragic story of a lost civilization.

The Wandering Village is a city-building simulation game where the village is on the back of a giant wandering creature. Players not only need to build their settlement but also form a symbiotic relationship with this creature. Get the game for PC on Steam.

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