Fallout 76: Update Version Introduces Fast Travel

A lot of new things.
A lot of new things. Bethesda

A new update is now live in Fallout 76, which is sure to make a lot of players happy. Update Version now allows for Fast Travel, so players can now decide if they want to Fast Travel directly inside a location or to its exterior.

Certain points of interest include The Whitespring Resort, The Rusty Pick, The Crater, Foundation, and Fort Atlas. The Whitespring Resort is a new location where you can start your Expeditions. In addition, there’s also a Fast Travel point known as the “Whitespring North Entrance,” which is in The Whitespring Resort. Players need to discover it on foot first before they can Fast Travel directly inside The Whitespring Mall.

With this update, players can also visit:

  • Purveyor Murmrgh
    • Players can now buy as many as 100 Legendary Modules and up to 500 Vault Steel at once here.
  • ​The Whitespring Resort
    • Get access to a Legendary Exchange Machine and a Gold Press Machine inside Artisan’s Corner in the Whitespring mall.

Starting Gear

Players can also look forward to some adjustments related to the starting experience of Dwellers who are planning to take their first steps out of Vault 76. These changes should help players feel more prepared as they begin their journey in Appalachia.

New Dwellers can now receive these items as they exit Vault 76:

  • 1x 10mm Pistol
    • Has 200+ 10mm ammo.
  • ​1x Combat Knife
  • 1x Light Leather Torso Armor
  • 1x Small Backpack
    • Players still need to find and learn the Plan to craft a Small Backpack.
  • ​Various consumables include:
    • Stimpaks
    • RadAway
    • Antibiotics
    • food and water
    • Vault-Tec Supply Package Scrap and Repair Kits.

Aside from what’s already been mentioned, players also get the “Vault Fed” buff. This buff prevents hunger and thirst from increasing for two hours. Helping things out, even more, is the fact that the resistances and damage for a lot of creatures from levels 1 to 15 have been lowered.

You can read more about Update Version here. Expeditions are also live and you can learn more about them here.

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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