Victoria 3 Coming to PC This October 25

Ready to rule for 100 years?
Ready to rule for 100 years? Paradox Interactive

The highly anticipated grand strategy society simulator Victoria 3 is arriving on PC this October 25. The game is going to be available at major games retailers for $49.99.

Victoria 3 lets players experience a deep socio-economic and political simulation where they represent the needs and desires of every person on the planet for 100 years. That means a century's worth of technological and social upheaval. Players learn that a growing population needs to be fed but they'll also be making political demands. Pass reforms that go in line with what the citizens want or impose plans for a brighter future that some may not appreciate.

Features of the game include:

  • Infinite Replayability
    • Rewrite the history of any nation from the Victorian Era.
    • These include the industrial powerhouses of Great Britain and Prussia, the populous giants like Russia and Qing China, and powers waiting in Japan or Colonial Canada.
  • Deep Societal Simulation
    • Every inhabitant of the nation is simulated, whether they’re a farmer or clerk, capitalist or craftsman.
    • Each has personal beliefs, political preferences, and, most importantly, a standard of living to maintain.
  • Challenging Economic Gameplay
    • Develop the economy through the development of new industries and institutions.
    • Be sure to trade surplus goods to the many markets of the world and import what the population needs to make life affordable.
  • Diplomatic Brinkmanship
    • Anything that can be won through war can also be achieved at the negotiating table.
    • Open diplomatic plays and call on allies for support, while also pressing demands on weaker or rival nations.
  • Political Development
    • Manage different political factions in the country through laws and reforms.
    • Tough decisions need to be made, like being able to improve the lives of the citizens but at the expense of angering established authorities.
  • A Living World
    • Watch the map change before your eyes.
    • This is true when newly constructed railways run between burgeoning cities, many of which were mere hamlets decades before.

Do you have what it takes to rule for a century?

Victoria 3 is a sequel to Victoria II. The game was first announced during PDXCON: Remixed in May 2021.

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