Victoria 3: Top Features You Need to Know

Finally some news.
Finally some news. Paradox Interactive

It was during the Victorian Age when the world would be transformed. This was a period of innovative technologies and new philosophies, when the railroad, telegraph, and most importantly, flight were developed. All of these are yours to experience with the strategy game Victoria 3. It is going to be available on PC through the Paradox Store, Steam, and Microsoft Game Pass.

This little piece of news should be exciting for many people who have been waiting for this game. While there was the expectation in the past that this game was indeed coming, it had reached a point that many in the community were no longer expecting it to happen and even made jokes about it. Still, Paradox Interactive didn’t give any release date.

As a society simulator, Victoria 3 has players track the needs and desires of various national populations. Features on the game include:

  • Deep Societal Simulation
    • Control different cultural, economic, and ideological divisions as they fight for power and resources in one of the most detailed historical worlds from Paradox.
  • Tend Your National Garden
    • Don’t forget to nurture your population by educating it and preparing it for the future.
    • Ensure their prosperity and improve their happiness.
  • Wonders of the Industrial Age
    • With scientific and social progress, players have the opportunity to improve the lives of their citizens.
  • ​Sophisticated Economic System
    • Make sure that the cost to import goods is low while ensuring to export goods to make your citizens rich.
    • You can also tax wealth to move your plans forward.
  • Challenging Diplomacy
    • Players can try to ensure harmonious relations with their neighbors or induce a crisis to get those valuable resources.
  • ​Political Dealmaking
    • Oversee the different competing interests in your government.
    • Support new reforms but watch out for a possible revolution, especially from those whose voices aren’t heard.
  • Detailed and Living World
    • Cities grow across the landscape that’s on a drawn map of the 19th-century globe.
    • Choose from one of many dozens of nations from 1836.

So what do you think? Excited about this game? When do you think it’s going to come out?

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