Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt September Update Features Noir Pass and New Permanent Store

Noir Pass
Noir Pass Twitter/@Bloodhunt

The battle royale Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt just got a new patch now available on all platforms. The September Update features a new battle pass where players can unlock new emotes and outfits. It also makes a fundamental change to the in-game store.

The Noir Pass is the latest battle pass for Bloodhunt. It contains 30 tiers of vanity items, which include four new legendary outfits and two new emotes. This battle pass costs 500 tokens, but if players can unlock all of the tiers, they can gain that amount back and then some. The Noir Pass can be purchased by heading to the in-game store.

Speaking of which, the flash store has been removed in the September Update in favor of a permanent shop. The new shop currently offers 95 items, including popular ones that were sold in the past.

Developer Sharkmob AB believes that the permanent store is a significant step forward in meeting the community’s demand for more purchasable customization. The new store will expand its list of items in the future.

The September Update for Bloodhunt brings some balancing changes and improvements as well, which are found below:

  • Burst Rifle
    • Accuracy penalty when moving reduced to 0.25
    • Max spread increased to 0.4
  • Crossbow
    • Gas Damage increased to 20 per second
  • Health Regeneration
    • New Passive: Regenerate health on damaged players at a rate of 5 hit points per second up to max hp. This effect is not active while players are taking damage, and there will be a delay of 3 seconds before it starts regenerating again after you were last wounded.
  • Kill Score
    • +100 personal score points for each kill.
    • +1 score point for the team.
  • Damage Points
    • You will receive 10% personal score points per points of damage (e.g., 100 damage gives you 10 personal score points)
    • Note: This does not contribute to the team score.
  • Gamepad Toggle for Crouching
    • We have added the option to toggle crouch for the gamepad by pressing Circle. This option was always available for keyboard users but is now also present on the gamepad as well.
    • Additionally, we added a new default behavior for the toggled crouch (which applies to mouse and keyboard as well), where if you were sliding and continue moving afterwards, you will now sprint instead of moving crouched. However, if you do not continue to move, you will remain crouched after, still able to sneak about. This allows you to customize your crouch behavior, which was a request from the community.
  • All Archetypes max levels Mastery has been increased to 25
  • Revive spam mitigation
    • There now is a 5-second cooldown for team members asking to be revived.
  • Removed low ammo magazine warning for Minigun

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt September Update is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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