Valorant Will Feature A Battle Pass And Cosmetics, But No Loot Boxes

Riot's Valorant will have no RNG loot boxes
Riot's Valorant will have no RNG loot boxes Dot Esports

Riot Games' Valorant came as a surprise to FPS fans all around the world. From what we know of the game, it could soon make a name for itself in the FPS genre. Many gamers are stating that Valorant is a mix of CS:GO and Overwatch and it excels at how it perfectly integrates the aspects of both of these games.

Riot is known for producing quality and well-balanced games. Of course, this can be seen in League of Legends, which is a popular game in the esports community for over 10 years now. One of the biggest reasons why League of Legends has emerged as a successful game is due to its expanding roster of balanced Champions.

Although Riot has had great success from the cosmetics it offers for their playable Champions on the Rift, the company is taking a different route for Valorant's Agents.

According to Polygon, Riot has no plans of mirroring the same League of Legends approach to Valorant. “There are no character skins in the game, nor are there specific plans to add them," the article reads. "The development team said that they’re a possibility in the future, but for now, the focus is on gun skins.”

The article also stated, that Valorant will have no loot boxes, which most FPS games juggle around with.

Valorant will not have loot boxes. Players will be able to directly purchase the skins they want from the store… Though there are skin packs that bundle a few weapon skins together based on their theme,” Polygon reports.

Instead of having RNG loot boxes, Valorant will have a more transparent way of offering character and weapon cosmetics. To achieve this transparency, Riot has adopted the popular Battle Pass system to its free-to-play title. Considering this, it looks like Riot is doing everything it can to attract as many players as possible to the game. Apart from not having RNG loot boxes, the game is also said to run smoothly on moderately low-end PCs.

Valorant is expected to launch sometime this summer. Given this information, expect more Valorant news as the release date nears.

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