Riot Games' Multiplayer Shooter Is Called Valorant

Project A
Project A YouTube

We had previously mentioned that Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, is working on a competitive First Person Shooter, codenamed Project A. The game has now received an official name: Valorant.

The trademark for the game was filed by Riot Games on February 20, 2020, although the status of approval is still pending. Currently, there's also a Twitter page for the game, @PlayValorant. This Twitter account is solid evidence, which points toward Project A getting a commercial name.

Although there are no posts on the Valorant Twitter page, the account already has more than 5,000 followers. The followers of the account include some of the biggest esports players and Twitch streamers who play Battle Royale and FPS games.

One of these followers of the Valorant Twitter account is "Flowers," who is a professional battle royale player and Twitch Streamer. Another follower of the account goes with the name "PgA". At first, the name seems to be quite random, but the bio for the account reads "Project A Waiting Room."

There are many other well-known streamers and esports players that are following the page. And you can stalk them here. All of these point toward a major Riot Games release. Given all of this, the official announcement of Valorant seems very substantial. In light of the official name trademarks, registration of the domain, and coming up with a name, the next step seems to be an official reveal.

Additionally, Riot Games also has two other secret projects codenamed Project F and Project L, which are currently in the works. There is also a possibility that Valorant could be associated with any of these projects. Therefore, we recommend that you take this piece of information with a grain of salt until an official confirmation is made by Riot Games themselves.

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