Valorant: Ruination Skins Leaked Ahead of Special Event

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While League of Legends’ crossover event will launch this week, some new Valorant Ruination skins have been leaked ahead.

The Rise of the Sentinels is probably Riot Games’ biggest event to date. That is because the company’s popular MOBA game will crossover to its other IPs - bringing new themed goodies to the fans.

Valorant players will be able to get some Ruination skins once the event starts and they will be based on League’s Runeterran lore.

A recent trailer was released showcasing some of the new things to be introduced a few days from now.

At 1:17, you will see agent KAY/0 wielding a gun with a Ruination-style skin. The move that was seen later on in the video is inspired by Viego, one of the newest Champions in League of Legends.

Skin Bundle

According to prominent leaker @ ValorLeaks, players can expect a Ruination bundle that will feature some League-inspired skins. They’ve added that the bundle will most likely be available on July 8, the starting date for the Rise of the Sentinels event.

Further, they claimed that the Ruination Bundle includes a Guardian skin. Though with so many guns available in Valorant, players may assume that there will be more for other weapons as well.

Some users are pretty excited about this. In response to ValorLeaks’ tweet, user @ rev0hh replied that Viego’s sword could potentially be a new melee weapon in the game.

User @ ViperionX_ chimed in and said that the developers might add some weapons found in League, such as Katarina’s daggers and Jhin’s pistol, among others.

What is the Rise of the Sentinels?

The Rise of the Sentinels event will kick off in League of Legends on July 8 alongside Patch 11.14. This event is part of Viego’s storyline, so those who want to know more about his lore should participate.

That said, it is confirmed that players will be rewarded a Prestige Ruined Pantheon by completing certain objectives. It is worth noting that an event of this magnitude could mean that you may get more, like new loading screen borders and chromas.

The information about the Ruination bundle in Valorant is sparse at the moment, yet more things could be revealed in the next few days.

So, are you excited? What other skins do you think will be included in the Ruination bundle?

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