Valorant: New Agent "KAY_0" Leaked

Agent "Kay_0"
Agent "Kay_0" Riot Games

Valorant is an interesting hero-shooter game not because of its unique mechanics, but because the community is always on the lookout for new things. Recently, images of the supposed Agent 16 have been leaked.

Since the game’s inception, new agents have populated the roster. However, it’s been a while since the devs introduced a new Initiator, so that gives players a hint about the nature of the upcoming agent.

Heading into Episode 3, some leaked images were being linked to a new agent coming to the game.

New Agent, Codename “KAY_0”

The images were first leaked on Reddit on June 16. The original post has since been deleted but some people have saved copies.

User @ValorINTEL tweeted that the new agent is reportedly named “Kay_0” and is rumored to be a robot Initiator. If true, this new agent may arrive in Episode 3.

During the Summer Game Fest, the official Valorant Twitter page revealed a short video of a robot’s head. While the robotic head in the leaked images and video weren't exactly matched, the message might be a clear enough sign of an upcoming robot Initiator.

Possible Kit

Agent Kay_0
Agent Kay_0 Riot Games

Assuming the clue is correct, what could Kay_0 bring to the table?

Well, we know Initiators can push defenders away and Kay_0 may have some new tricks that can help change the tide of battle.

For instance, the new agent may have some knives or daggers, or similar implements it can throw at its foes, which may disable abilities for a short time. If yes, it's yet to be known whether the effect disables all other abilities.

If the previously rumored codename, Grenadier, is to be believed, Agent Kay_0 could possibly be specializing in grenades. Its grenades are likely to have debuffs that can deter enemies from getting closer to your team.

Remember, the information here is still rumors at this point. The upcoming agent may end up having a completely different name. Kay_0 might be released on June 22 when Episode 3 Act 1 begins.

What do you think of this new agent coming to the game? Do you think it will be an Initiator or could it be one of the other classes?

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