Valorant: Meet the New Agent KAY/0

Agent "Kay_0"
Agent "Kay_0" Riot Games

It seems that the rumors were true as a new agent is coming to Valorant. Riot Games just released a reveal trailer confirming its existence. Meet the new agent, KAY/0:

As fans have speculated, KAY/0 is a new Initiator agent with a unique ability to stay alive long enough after being killed, giving ample time for its teammates to revive the robot.

It also has an amazing set of non-ultimate abilities. The robot agent can hurl three different projectiles, each has its own unique properties.

Agent KAY/0 Abilities

  • Zero/Point (E): The agent readies a suppression blade, throwable using the fire button. It will attach to the first surface it hits and will cause an explosion. Any enemy player caught within the radius of the blast will have their abilities suppressed for a limited time.

  • Flash/Drive (Q): KAY/0 hurls a flash grenade that explodes shortly after. Any foe present in the area-of-effect is blinded for a few seconds. It is important to note that right-clicking the flashbang would “cook” the grenade faster (just one second as opposed to 1.6 seconds when left-clicking), allowing you to throw it almost immediately.

  • Frag/Ment (C): The agent will throw an explosive fragment that explodes multiple times once it hits the floor. It will deal lethal damage to enemies at the center of each explosion.

  • Null/CMD (X): KAY/0’s ultimate ability. The agent overloads itself with polarized Radianite energy, causing large energy pulses to emanate from its location. While active, the agent gains Combat Stim and if it is killed during this state, its teammates can revive the agent.

As you can see, KAY/0 has a pretty interesting kit. It can disable enemies, deal huge damage using explosives, and blind the enemy team with flashbangs.

While Sage is the only character at the moment that can revive other teammates, KAY/0’s ultimate ability can deal damage, provide the Combat Stim buff and give a chance for its teammates to do the revive during overload. Besides, the revive only affects the new agent, not its teammates.

Aside from the new agent, players can also expect new weapon skins, cards, gun buddies, sprays, and titles.

Furthermore, the company will provide an XP boost as part of the game’s Year One event. Players who will party up with others get some bonus XP depending on the number of players in the squad. For instance, a squad of four players will get a whopping 20% increase in XP gain.

The new Initiator agent KAY/0 is expected to come to the game in Episode 3 Act 1 via the season battle pass.

What do you think of this new agent?

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