Valorant 3.0 Update: Patch Notes Reveal Nerfs to Jett and Sage

Valorant Update 3
Valorant Update 3 Riot Games

Valorant Season 3 will begin tomorrow but the patch notes for the new update have been released. Aside from the new agent KAY/0, there are also huge adjustments to the weapon prices that could change the landscape of the game forever.

Additionally, some changes to certain character abilities are expected, so be sure to read further to find out more.

Players who will log into the game are to receive the Year One Event Pass. It’s sort of a Battle Pass but given for free and will be available during the entire duration of Patch 3.0.

Those who team up with other players will be given an XP boost based on the number of players in the squad. A team of two will get an 8% boost in XP. If you party up with two additional players, you will get 12%. Partying with three more players will give 16% and a full squad will yield a whopping 20% bonus XP per game.

Agent Updates

There will be a massive change to Signature abilities come Update 3.0. All signature abilities will provide only a minimum of one charge per round, instead of carrying over and accumulating unused charges every round.

For instance, if you have two signature ability charges and you use one of them, the remaining charge will no longer carry over to the next round. Also, charges gained from cooldowns are no longer permanent.

Now for the characters, let's start with Jett who got heavily hit by the patch. The additional costs to her Updraft and Cloud Burst are bad enough, but her Bladestorm ability now requires an additional Ultimate point, which may impact her viability. Apart from that, her Tailwind dash will no longer break Cypher’s tripwires.

Next, Sage’s Slow Orb and Barrier Orb costs have increased by 100. Her resurrection ability also needs an extra Ultimate point to execute and this may hamper her overall effectiveness, especially if her team calls for it.

The 200 added cost to Raze’s Boombot is also glaring. Although the ability is very useful in certain situations, the stark increase may deter people from using Raze altogether.

Gameplay Technologies

A new “Round Rollback” feature will be introduced for Tournament Mode custom games. This allows you to set the game back to the start of a previous round.

If you want to turn it on, go to “Options” while you are setting up a custom game and enable it in Tournament Mode.

Besides the new feature, there will be improvements to the game’s Killfeed as well. For example, your kills will get an additional highlighted border to make them stand out. Your assist portrait will also get a highlighted border.

You can find the full patch notes here.

Valorant Update 3.0 is expected to arrive tomorrow.

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