Cities: Skylines Getting New Filters Courtesy of Latest Update

Enjoy the new filters.
Enjoy the new filters. Paradox Interactive

A new update is coming to Cities: Skylines which introduces new content in the form of Hubs & Transport. This free patch also includes quality-of-life options and improvements on existing content.

The first of these improvements are the new filters in three menus:

  • Roads
    • In the Roads menu, players can filter all the roads by:
      • One-way or two-way.
      • By decorations.
      • Only display roads including public transport lanes.
    • This should be a great way to find those new roads added by Hubs & Transport.
  • Public Transport Hubs
    • Have a filter for each transport type which can be enabled or disabled.
  • Content Creator Pack tab under Unique Buildings
    • Has filters for each pack so players can immediately go to the buildings they want to browse.

Search Function

Filters aren't the only option aimed at helping players find a specific item. Players can try out the search function added to all menus. Just look for the magnifying glass then click it to open and type anything. This search is applied to the whole menu.

For example, when searching for "bicycle" in the Roads menu, it's going to display all roads having "bicycle" in its name, whether small or large. It's also possible to search for a saved game, which is good news to those who have a lot of them.

Vehicle Improvements

When Roads & Vehicles was released, it gave more options for public transport vehicles. This time, Hubs & Transport takes it to the next level.

The development team revealed in a post that a rebalance of the vehicle upkeep costs were in order to account for new passenger capacity options. So, instead of a flat upkeep for each vehicle, the cost of a transport vehicle now comes with a base cost along with a multiplier for passenger capacity. That means if a vehicle carries only a few passengers, it's cheaper when compared to those with higher capacity.

Natural Disaster Improvements

For the Natural Disasters expansion, the new update improves the forest fire spread mechanic. Players who already experience a forest fire spreading out of control will find the new changes increasing their chances in responding to fires. The changes include:

  • Forest fires have a noticeably lower chance of spreading.
  • Forest fires burn with slightly less intensity.
  • Fire helicopters can carry twice as much water.
  • Fire helicopters can put out fires faster.

The new update also features new content that you should try out. Cities: Skylines is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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