Cities: Skylines Hubs & Transport Launching Tomorrow

Expand your city.
Expand your city. Paradox Interactive

A new update for Cities: Skyline arrives tomorrow to introduce Hubs & Transport. The update focuses on expanding available options on existing transport. So, expect new public transport hubs, public transport vehicles, and roads, to name a few. Of course, there's the usual quality-of-life improvements.

New Transport Hubs

A total of nine new transport hubs will be added to enable multiple lines and, in some cases, combine different transport methods. For those who own the base game, they can get access to the new Harbor-Bus Hub and Multi-level Metro Hub. Meanwhile, those who own the Snowfall expansion can get the Metro-Tram Hub and Bus-Train-Tram Hub.

Those who have the Mass Transit expansion will get two new harbors. The first is the Harbor-Ferry Hub which allows players to integrate their ferry lines directly to the harbor. The second is the Harbor-Bus-Monorail Hub which combines cruise ships and bus lines with the monorail system.

Finally, those who own the two expansions mentioned get three extra hub options. These are the Ferry-Tram Hub, Monorail-Tram Hub with Road, and the Metro-Train-Monorail-Tram Hub with Road.

New Vehicles

The new update also introduces new vehicles. Those who have the base game get access to six new options for metros which come with varying capacities from 120 to 500. Two of those have short and long versions. There's also the new train option which carries 240 passengers and offers a new look.

Players who have the After Dark expansion can get the new Black Taxi Cab. Those who own the Natural Disasters expansion will get access to the new Articulated Evacuation Bus, which can carry 100 citizens to a shelter when disaster strikes.

New Roads

If there are new hubs and new vehicles, there are new roads available as well. Once the new highways become available, players can expand their two-way highways through the new Asymmetrical Three-Lane Highway and Four-Lane Two-Way Highway.

For the city's monorail, the addition of three new roads should allow for more options along with new lanes to the city. The Monorail Tracks on Four-Lane Road with Trees is able to complement the current medium road. For those who want more, there is the option to have the Monorail Tracks on Six-Lane Road, which also have the tree-lined version.

Besides the new content, check out other interesting game improvements as well. Cities: Skylines is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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