UBOAT: 2022.1 Patch 9 Implements Major Change to "Supporter" Skill

Patch 9
Patch 9 Steam

Patch 9 for UBOAT: 2022.1 is now available for download. Fire up your Steam client so that you can get the newest improvements, changes, and bug fixes.

In this update, developer Deep Water Studio has made a fundamental change to the “Supporter” skill in UBOAT. Now, it only works once per assignment instead of once per alarm. This change was made because the mechanic used to be quite exploitable, especially since the submarine’s alarm system can be controlled manually since the 2022.1 Update.

For those who don’t know, controlling the alarm manually activates various crew bonuses. One benefit from sounding the alarm is that the officers will keep on working even though their energy levels have dropped to zero. This goes on so long as the alarm is active.

Patch 9 also brought some mission improvements. Instead of offering you the same missions over and over again, the leading officer will now give you more varied assignments after the vacation ends.

You can read the other significant changes made in this update below:

  • Radiomans are now receiving incoming radio transmissions automatically, if they are in the radio room or have an assigned role with specified radio use and don't do anything else at the moment. The notification about a new incoming transmission doesn't appear, if there is a radioman that starts to receive it.
  • Crew members that leave for a vacation now have a "vacation" order displayed on their portraits and in other places in the UI. This helps to understand what they are currently doing.
  • Fix: Officers were sometimes becoming tired, even though they were on an automated schedule, which should ensure that they would switch to rest before becoming tired.
  • Fix: U-boat's interiors are automatically cleaned and all dirt modifiers to discipline are removed after using quick mission completion. U-boat's interiors also don't accumulate dirt during long stays at port.
  • Owned reputation points are now displayed in the HQ in the task view for quick reference.
  • Fix: There is now a different status on the selection panel for aircraft to indicate that they were shot down. They no longer use the same status as sinking ships, because the icon and tooltip weren't fitting.
  • Assignment about planting mines now requires to move away a bit further from the destination after completing the objective.
  • Ships sunk outside of the patrol area now still count towards campaign objectives asking to sink a certain tonnage, if it's in a matching area for example anywhere in North Sea or Western Approaches in Tonnage War.
  • Decreased a required number of merchant ship inspections to perform for the Southern Routes campaign objective.

The full patch notes can be found on the official Steam page.

UBOAT: 2022.1 Patch 9 is available on PC.

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