UBOAT: Christmas Update B131 Introduces New Effects and Features

UBOAT Christmas Update B131
UBOAT Christmas Update B131 Steam

The submarine simulation game UBOAT just received a new update that introduced new effects and features. As an added touch to help you celebrate the holidays, you can place a Christmas tree in the control room by talking to the warehouse worker about upgrading your ship.

New Effects

Improved Camera Lens
Improved Camera Lens Steam

The developers added some cool effects to improve realism and immersion. For instance, the camera lens now appears wet whenever you dive underwater. You can see seawater splashing on the conning tower during dives as well.

New Features

Ever wanted a feature that tells you whether an enemy is within range? Well, the devs heard you because they added a compass that can be found on the main user interface. Additionally, it informs you about ports and mission objectives.

The hydrophone is an important instrument to check your surroundings. But doing so is boring and troublesome, thanks to manual mode.

So, the devs decided to add an automatic button for this function. Once clicked, the boat will dive down to an optimal depth and the radioman will listen for five minutes, after which your submarine will go back to the surface to replenish air.

New Mission Type

New Mission Type: Escort Duty
New Mission Type: Escort Duty Steam

Traveling to some parts of Africa can be dangerous, especially with pirates and terrorists posing a threat to any vessel that passes by the area.

A new mission type is added where the objective is to escort troopships safely to Africa. Of course, you won’t be alone in protecting these ships, but you will be tasked to detect incoming enemies and sink them before they reach the convoy.

Update Highlights

  • Rain is now denser, doesn't rain under the roofs and splashes onto surfaces
  • Marine snow under the sea surface
  • Periscopes now leave a foam trail behind them
  • Rendering was reworked to increase viewing distance in all view modes
  • Periscope eyepiece now has raytraced reflections from the lens
  • Compass
  • Player is sometimes accompanied by Kriegsmarine Type 1934 Destroyers
  • Automatic hydrophone checks
  • Sea now becomes more populated
  • New mission type: Escort duty
  • There are now video tutorials that explain how to use each tool
  • The user interface was reworked to give it a more self-explaining, organized, and practical layout
  • Textures on periscopes were improved, especially on the observation periscope
  • As mentioned earlier, we added new effects that especially affect immersion of the periscopes. Their lens will become wet from water and there are now raytraced reflections on the eyepiece
  • From now on, if you play in FPP (first-person perspective) and activate a device, you will then enter directly into its manual mode, without entering the intermediate TPP (third-person) view

UBOAT Christmas Update B131 is now available on PC.

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