The Turing Test Arrives On The Switch This February 7

Can you handle the puzzles?
Can you handle the puzzles? Square Enix

The Turing Test is finally arriving on the Nintendo Switch. This is a game that offers players a ton of "A-ha" moment and with the move to Switch, players can experience these moments at home or on the move. The Turing Test will be available to download on the Switch eShop starting on February 7.

For those familiar with the game, the real-world Turing Test is actually a way to determine if a machine has the intelligence of a human. This game is a bit like that, sort of. The Turing Test is a puzzle game that mainly makes use of a first-person perspective. However, players can switch between different perspectives to solve puzzles.

The game has a story with different layers of conspiracy and depth. Players take on the role of Ava Turing, an engineer for the International Space Agency. She is currently assigned at a research station that's on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. Ava was sent to the station in order to discover what happened to her colleagues that disappeared. Upon arriving at the station, Ava is faced with different puzzles that the station's AI revealed could only be solved by humans.

In order to solve the puzzles, Ava is given the Energy Manipulation Tool, or EMT. The EMT is a special device which lets her collect and redirect power spheres to activate machinery and open doors. This is because puzzles have players distribute power by using the EMT to put the spheres into receptacles that can unlock doors or activate other machinery. There’s no question that the use of the EMT gives The Turing Test a rather unique twist not only for the puzzle logic, but also on the gameplay mechanics.

As players move forward in the game, new mechanics are introduced that increase the complexity of the puzzles. These include being able to activate certain objects or control mobile robots. Upon its initial release, The Turing Test received generally favorable reviews.

While this is the first time that The Turing Test has been offered for the Switch, it's already available for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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