Tribes of Midgard: Season 3 Update Features Major Changes to Survival Mode

Survival 2.0
Survival 2.0 Steam

Tribes of Midgard: Inferno Saga was released recently, aside from the new content, some massive changes were made to its popular Survival Mode.

Survival Mode in Tribes of Midgard used to be an endless version of Saga Mode where you’re tasked to hunt for materials and construct a village during the day and then defend the settlement at night. However, Survival 2.0 is a major improvement and now stands proudly on its own due to the changes made in the Inferno Saga Update.

One of the biggest changes is that there will no longer be a village to defend at night, so you’ll have the freedom to play Survival Mode without obligations. Moreover, you will no longer have to rely on NPCs to craft items because the Allforge can now create new crafting stations specifically for that purpose.

For example, if you need some tools to get some resources, build the Tool Grinder. When you need to craft weapons to eliminate enemies, use the Weapon Furnace for that. If you need food to give nourishment and some buffs to your character, the Meal Cauldron has you covered.

Ancient Rewards

Ancient Rewards
Ancient Rewards Steam

Completing the first several Saga Quests will reward you with three things.

The first is Sindri’s Foundry, and you’ll get this by defeating Fenrir. This consumes all of the Runes and equipment that you don’t need for Souls.

The second is Freyr’s Ship. Defeating Jörmungandr rewards you with a vessel that is impervious to damage and is considered the fastest ship in Tribes of Midgard.

The third is Heimdallr’s Tower which can be yours by defeating Surtr, the new Ancient introduced in the Inferno Saga Update. The Heimdallr’s Tower acts the same way as the regular watchtower, except it is manned by a powerful archer and is invincible against damage.

Crafting Stations in the Allforge (Exclusive to Survival Mode)

  • Bed: Place it to serve as your Respawn Point when claimed.
  • Potion Brewer: For crafting Potions.
    • Unlocked through Survival 2.0 Saga Quest progress.
  • Shield Rack: For crafting Shields.
  • Armor Loom: For crafting Armor.
  • Defense Workshop: For crafting Traps and Watchtowers.
    • Unlocked through Survival 2.0 Saga Quest progress.
  • Ammunition Shelf: For crafting specialized Arrows.
  • Boat Dock: For crafting Boats.
    • Unlocked through Survival 2.0 Saga Quest progress.
  • Lumbering Stand: For crafting Wood-based Ingredients.
  • Tanning Stand: For crafting Leather, Fur, and Yarn Ingredients.
  • Mining Stand: For crafting Stone, Ore, and Iron Ingredients.
  • Artifact Altar: For crafting Artifacts.
    • Unlocked through Survival 2.0 Saga Quest progress.

The full list of changes can be found on Steam.

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