Become a Legendary Hero in Tribes of Midgard

Time to be a legendary hero.
Time to be a legendary hero. Norsfell

For those looking for a chance to experience what it means to be a hero in Norse mythology, that time is now. Tribes of Midgard is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Players can choose to play or solo or team up with friends to protect the Seed of Yggdrasil. Failing to do so means game over.

In a statement, Norsfell CEO and Creative Director Julian Maroda revealed that they developed the game intending to let players experience both solo and cooperative gameplay. He added that they are excited to learn what the community thinks about the game.

Meanwhile, Gearbox Publishing President Steve Gibson said that they are happy to support Norsfell in their journey to develop the game. He went on to say that the game can be enjoyed by all kinds of players.

Tribes of Midgard offer players two game modes. For Saga Mode, players need to finish a series of quests to unlock the final Boss battle of Season 1. There are going to be special rewards, and later, with new seasonal Saga Bosses, quests, and rewards once updated.

In Survival Mode, players must survive for as long as they can against a wave of enemies. Players can choose the conditions for this mode like size and difficulty. They can make it more challenging to get more XP.

Other features of the game include:

  • Multiplayer
    • Players need to work as a team to defend the village against the legions of Hel and survive as long as they can.
    • Designed from scratch, the game allows a maximum of 10 players to play.
    • Making it easy to play with friends, or other players, are the in-game text and voice chat.
  • Challenging Boss Battles
    • Every few days, the Jötnar start to come out of the wilderness and make their way to the Seed.
    • Giants can crush those who aren’t prepared with a single blow.
    • Players can chip away the enormous health of the Boss through tactical raids or by having the whole tribe behind them.
  • RPG Progression
    • Explore the unknown to collect resources and craft legendary gear.
    • Eight different classes come with unique ways to defeat enemies.
    • 30 different Rune modifiers are available and each one brings various potent abilities and status buffs.
  • Exploration
    • Don’t forget to take the time to explore the wonderful world of Midgard.

Tribes of Midgard is available on Steam and the PlayStation Store at $19.99. A deluxe edition is priced at $29.98 on Steam and $29.99 at the PlayStation Store.

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